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Review of 2014 Gulangyu Cup Int'l Tournament - In video

Updated: 2015-03-17
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The 2014 Gulangyu Cup International Tournament saw 14 teams, consisting of mostly expats, from Xiamen, Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Kunming participate in the day’s matches on 21st June 2014
The 2014 Gulangyu Cup International Tournament was held in the People’s Stadium of the island on Saturday, 21st June 2014.

Formerly known as 'Amoy Cup', the 7-a-side football tournament saw 14 teams, consisting of mostly expats, from Xiamen, Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Kunming participate in the day’s matches. 
The tournament kicked off at 9:00 a.m., led by Ye Chonggeng, Publicity Minister of the Xiamen Municipal Standing Committee, Li Lina, Deputy Director of the Xiamen Sports Council, Lin Xuyang, Deputy Director of the Siming District Government, and Gao Shuilai, Party Secretary of the Gulangyu Community.

With all the players, accompanied of course by their families, friends and guests, the stadium was packed out and had a great, if competitively tinged, party atmosphere. One of the highlights of this year’s tournament was the cheering squad, which stayed very lively throughout the matches.

Through fierce competition, and despite the rising temperature under the scorching sun, Xiamen Yinghua Football Club (A.C.C FC), Xiamen Army FC, Xiamen BOBO FC, Xiamen International FC (B), Yu Fan Tian FC, Shanghai Lions FC, Xiamen International FC (A), and Alpha Omega FC were the qualifiers from each of their respective groups and entered into the quarter-finals. 
4 teams finally advanced into the semifinals: Xiamen Bobo FC, Xiamen Alpha Omega FC, Shanghai Lions FC, and A.C.C. FC.

After that, an interesting and lovely match was held between two teams of children before the semifinals began. The future football stars showed off their skills, which immediately caught the eyes of spectators and our ever-vigilant cameramen. 
The final match was staged at 5:50 pm between Xiamen Alpha Omega FC and A.C.C. FC under the setting sunshine and the entire match drew cheers from both spectators and teammates. It was a really tough match and both teams gave everything they had to clinch the championship win.  
The final win went to A.C.C.FC, who was awarded a championship trophy and a souvenir football. Every player of A.C.C. FC received a medal and a Tea Adventure teacup, valued at 500 yuan. 


1. Xiamen Yinghua Football Club (A.C.C. FC)
2. Xiamen Alpha Omega FC
3. Shanghai Lions FC
4. Xiamen BOBO FC
5. Xiamen Yu Fan Tian FC
6. Xiamen Army FC
7. Xiamen International FC (A)
8. Xiamen International FC (B)
9. Latino FC
10. Shanghai FCU
11. Togo 228 FC
12. B52 Carnegie's FC
14. Kunming FC

About the 2014 Gulangyu Cup International Football Tournament   

Jointly conceived and organized by WOX and the Xiamen International Football Club (XMIFC), the first Amoy Cup Football Tournament was held on 23rd June 2012. It attracted more than 120 players, both Chinese and foreigners, who played in teams mainly from Xiamen and Shanghai.

The 2nd Amoy Cup was held on 11th June, 2013 with the participation of 12 teams, including 6 local teams from Xiamen and 6 other teams from Hong Kong, Qingdao, and Shanghai, participating in the match.

This year, the highly anticipated non-profit football tournament received support from the Gulangyu Sub-district Office, and changed the name of the event from “Amoy Cup” to “Gulangyu Cup”.

With its participation in the event, the Gulangyu Sub-district Office hoped to set up a friendly platform for international football lovers and show international friends the hospitality and the cultural charm of this historic islet. 
More photos of the 2014 Gulangyu Cup International:



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