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Outdoor laser combat games in Xiamen

Updated: 2009-11-11
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Laser combat game is a popular and exciting wargame which is suitable for adults and even children over 5-year-olds. It is like paintball games, but much safer as there is no paint, no masks, no bruises, and no charge for ammo.


What is Laser Combat?

Combining the best aspects of paintball, computer games and indoor laser into a new adrenaline pumping game, the game uses infra red, just like your TV remote. Players shoot an invisible (harmless) beam at sensors on a hat and your gun, and there are great light and sound effects when shooting and hitting!


Teamwork is what this is all about as scoring is done by team objectives gained rather than an individual building up points. So, it's a bit like paintball but there's no paint and it's more fun!


How is it different from paintball?

1) There are no projectiles being fired at you.
An eye safe infra red beam like your TV remote is used. Unlike paintball you do not need to wear eye or face protection and you do not get bruised when "shot" by another player. The only difference between you and a soldier on an exercise is he/she wears more sensors and has a real weapon firing a blank round at the same time as firing the infra red beam.


2) There is no charge for ammo.
You do not have to hold back on pulling that trigger for fear of running up a large bill... Great news for parents!


3) You have multiple lives.
You get more than one life per game. Depending on the mission, you are given a number of lives –just like a computer game.


4) The laser guns are accurate at long range (approx 100m)...
If you can see them you can shoot them.


5) Hits are instant...
No disputes about whether you have been hit or not. Your laser has great light and sound effects, letting you and everybody around know you are hit.


6) You are so much more aware of your surroundings...
Because you do not need a mask for safety, you can hear and see more than paintball players can. No Goggles covered in paint or steaming up - brilliant!!!


In Xiamen, there are a few sites for laser combat games:


1) Wanyuepo war field (玩月坡战场)

Wanyuepo war field is located at Huandao Road. There are seven war zones at this war field. You can play in a variety of woodland and open field games with statues, jungle, cabin, and trees.


Add: Huandao Road, at the crossing of east coast of Huandao Road and entrance of Yunding Tunnel.
Tel: 0592-2296477
Bus: 29, 47, 805, 503, get off at Hai Yun Tai Bus Stop (海韵台), or 29, 805, 503, get off at Huang Cuo Hai Bin Bus Stop (黄厝海滨).



2) Yunding war field (云顶村纯丛林战场)

Located at the foot of Yundingyan Mountain, the Yunding war field is covered with jungles and trees, which is the best site for the jungle warfare.


Add: Near the entrance of Yunding Tunnel, Huandao Road, at the foot of Yundingyan Mountain
Tel: 0592-2296477
Bus: 47, 17, get off at Jiao Tong Liao Yang Yuan Bus Stop (交通疗养院)



3) Dadeng war field (大嶝岛战场)

Located at Dadeng Island, the Dadeng war field boasts real warfare environment as Dadeng used to be the frontier of the war. There are 7 war zones at Dadeng war field with various terrains and surroundings. 


Add: Three-Hero Island, Dadeng Island
Tel: 0592-2296477
Buses to Dadeng Island:

a) Direct bus: The bus starts from Binnan Bus Station at 9am, and returns from Dadeng Island at 3pm. The price of the 2-ways ticket is RMB 40 per head.
b) Taking BRT 2: Transfer bus at Xike Shuniu Bus Stop, there are many buses to Dadeng Island.


SOURCE: cenarth-paintball


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