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Secrets of A-list body: How to get Sandra Bullock's legs

Updated: 2015-05-05
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Sandra's been doing plyometric moves (jumping exercises to strengthen muscles) recently
We reveal how to get the enviable physiques of the stars.
This week: Sandra Bullock's legs.
She's been voted the most beautiful woman of 2015 by People Magazine in the U.S. The Gravity star does Pilates, kick-boxing, weight training, running and cycling. Her toned legs show it works.
Her trainer, Simone De La Rue, says Bullock works out for an hour a day, six days a week. For the past few years she's incorporated plyometric moves (jumping exercises to strengthen muscles).
Bullock says: 'People ask: “How do actresses do it [stay in shape]?” Um, they pay us to do this in order to look good on film.'
What to try: Squat jumps are a plyometric exercise that works the entire lower body.
Start by standing with feet wider than shoulder width apart and squat down by bending the knees and sticking out your bottom. Your hands should be hanging loosely.
Then explosively jump into the air, pushing from your heels and swinging your arms above your head to get as high off the ground as possible. As you land again in the squat position, soften the knees so that the lower body muscles absorb the shock.
Repeat ten to 12 times.
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