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An evening out with Mr. Su and his family on Xiamen super-boat Amity

Updated: 2015-07-21
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Xiamen's super speed boat, "Amity," is not just another speed cruiser for eligible bachelors; it can also be the means for a fun family outing. Mr. Su, from Xiamen's newest popular Italian restaurant, has just proven this to be so.

Taking along his young, pretty wife and his hyperactive daughter, the evening outing on the Amity also included his Italian chef and bar man. 

Set sail! Xiamen's super speed boat, "Amity," is not just another speed cruiser for eligible bachelors; it can also be the means for a fun family outing.
WOX had the honor of being invited by Davy Zhang, the captain and skipper of the Luxury Yacht Company, along with a couple of pretty onboard assistants.

The tour of Xiamen's waters, including the islets and white dolphin discovery trip, was extensive but done quickly with the high powered boat. Little and big Jinmen islands were just a stone's throw away, signifying that we were already nearly out of bounds on the Taiwan side. 


The sign of democracy "For the people," the sign that echoes the Mainland side's slogan, "One country two systems," was visible to the naked eye, material for a few great pictures to take home. A couple of bottles of champagne were popped, and drinks were had all round except for Mr. Su’s child, his three-year-old daughter.

Having circled a few islets along the way, returning back to Xiangshan Marina was a matter of couple of pulls on the throttle. With the evening sun setting behind us, a light summer's night dinner was served on the boat; it was a picnic on the water by Xiamen's biggest marina. 

Antipastos and Italian wines, and pastas and more Italian sparkling were the start of the dinner, which ended at Mr. Su's Italian restaurant at Haiwan Park.

The sumptuous feast continued till after midnight. Fortunately it was a day off work the following day.

It was a happy ending for this unforgettable boat trip, which happened right here in Xiamen. 

About Super-boat Amity
The speed cruiser "Amity" possesses all the qualities that makes a Wajer Osprey unique. The choice of materials is more selective than any other yacht in its class. Its interiors are leather and wood crafted. 

The Amity is a Wajer Osprey boat. The Wajer Osprey has been unanimously voted Boat of the Year after extensive inspections and trials at sea by a jury of Dutch journalists, designers and boat builders. They cited it's unique design, extraordinary quality, eye for detail, and its beautiful handling.

Wajer's goal was to create a yacht with perfect maneuverability at both low and high speeds. Both Vripack International Naval Architects and Volvo Penta Sweden cooperated to create the perfect balance between the Osprey's deep V-hull and its propulsion. This collaboration led to a perfectly comfortable sailing experience. 

The onboard atmosphere is one of spaciousness and comfort, with everything in place in terms of accommodation and facilities. The exterior saloon is designed to be the center of the social life on board, and features a convertible cover allowing multiple arrangements. The central steering position is also part of the living area, and guaranteeing a pleasant group experience as well as an agreeable feeling of closeness to the water.

Roaming slowly through small inland waters or harbours, the Osprey keeps its course easily because of her Volvo IPS system. Docking becomes a very easy job with the optional joystick, which can operate both engines individually. Bow or stern thrusters have become redundant.

The Osprey makes it possible to accommodate up to eight people at any time, allowing everyone a comfortable ride and great views.

For more detail on the boat trip, you can contact:
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