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New year resolution! New fitness? YES! It's True Yoga/Fitness

Updated: 2016-02-25
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For a new year's resolution, almost everyone plans to work out and be healthier. And why not? It’s a great way to feel better, have more energy, and build confidence.

True Yoga & True Fitness is now offering the perfect opportunity to try out their facilities and see if you can stick with that New Year’s resolution. The center specializes in fitness and yoga and is offering a New Year’s promotion at RMB 88 which includes the following benefits:
> 10 days gym access
> 2 group classes
The exterior appearance (above) and interior look of the True Yoga & True Fitness in Marco Polo area
State-of-the-art gym: treadmills, exercise bikes, floor-climbing machines and a large variety of resistance and free weights equipment in a nicely-decorated, well-ventilated, well-illuminated and mirror-filled venue throughout.
Spacious fitness rooms
Professional fitness instructors
Thoughtful supporting facilities
True Yoga & True Fitness
Address: 7 Jianye Road, second floor of the Yu Jing Haoting Mall, Siming District/思明区建业路7号御景豪庭商场二楼
Tel: 05922923000
About True Yoga & True Fitness
Located right above the HSBC Xiamen branch and next to the CBD Café in the Binbei area, the Binbei branch of True Yoga, which was opened in early 2012, is currently the only branch of the Singapore-based True Group in mainland China.
About True Group
Established in late 2004, the True Group specializes in fitness and yoga, with secondary businesses in spas and aesthetics in selected regional markets. It has established a presence in the following regions: Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and China, and now has 36 branches and more than 200,000 members across the regions.
With investment of more than USD $100 million, True Yoga has developed into one of the best fitness brands in Asia, providing top-notch fitness equipment and professional classes.
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