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Experienced dentist at Xiamen Harmony Dental can help restore a confident smile

Updated: 2016-04-28
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The healthier your teeth are, the happier you look. That's why it's important to take great care of your teeth by brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist.
Wang Yongfu is an associate professor and the deputy director of Xiamen Harmony Dental, a professional dental clinic approved by the Xiamen Health Bureau.
Doctor Wang Yongfu (center) is an associate professor and the deputy director of Xiamen Harmony Dental.
Dr. Wang got his master's degree at the West China Stomatology College of Sichuan University. He is a postgraduate tutor as well as a member of the Chinese Stomatological Association and the Fujian Oral Implantology Committee.
A professional dentist with 26 years’ experience, Dr. Wang has worked at the West China University of Medical Sciences, at the Sichuan Tumour Hospital Head and Neck Surgical Department, the Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of Fujian Medical University, and other 3A grade hospitals.
Exterior and interior look of Xiamen Harmony Dental
Founded in 2006, Xiamen Harmony Dental adopts an international dental treatment model with advanced technology and equipment, helping patients smile with confidence. 
The dentist can speak fluent English, making service more convenient for non-Chinese customers. Harmony dental’s treatments include but are not limited to the following:
> Damon system for orthodontics
The Damon System is an innovative combination of passive self-ligation brackets, high-tech arch wires, and minimally invasive treatment protocols that work together as a low-friction, low-force system.
> CAD/CAM restoration system
The dental clinic introduced the city’s first Sirona's CAD/CAM system which provides all-ceramic restorations for many people desiring healthy and clean white teeth, especially for cosmetic restoration of anterior teeth.
> IPS e.max CAD veneering solutions
IPS e.max CAD Veneering Solutions are CAD/CAM manufactured veneer structures for zirconium oxide frameworks (ZrO2). The unrivalled combination of lithium disilicate (LS2) and zirconium oxide (ZrO2) enables the creation of tooth and implant-supported bridge restorations (CAD-on) of exceptional strength and aesthetics.
> The CEREC procedure
This method has been used by thousands of dentists worldwide since 1987, not only to replace fillings, but to restore any tooth that is decayed or otherwise compromised in its natural strength and beauty.
Because this procedure is completed all in one appointment, you will not need to have a temporary made - nothing that has to last for two weeks before you return for the completed restoration. The CEREC machine helps Dr. Wang create the restoration for your tooth. The CEREC 3D software takes the digital image and converts it into a 3-dimensional virtual model on the computer screen. Dr. Wang then uses his dental expertise to design the restoration using the CEREC 3D software. Within a few minutes, Dr. Wang clicks a button, and the data for your customized restoration is transmitted to the CEREC milling machine in the office.
A ceramic block that matches your tooth shade is placed in the milling machine. About 20 minutes later, your all-ceramic, tooth-colored restoration is finished and ready to be cemented into your mouth. Dr. Wang seats the restoration in your mouth and checks that it fits properly to the tooth and that the bite is correct. The restoration is then polished and cemented to the prepared tooth. Your tooth has been restored without needing a "temporary" or a second visit!
Xiamen Harmony Dental/协和口腔
Unit 106, 15 Xidi Nanli, Guomao Xin Long Cheng alone Lujiang Avenue/厦门西堤南里15号106 (鹭江道国贸信隆城)
Tel: 0592-2391222
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