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Xiamen Harmony Dental gifts customers with organic vegetables

Updated: 2016-06-02
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In celebration of the company's 10th anniversary, Xiamen Harmony Dental has selected organic vegetables from "Tomato Valley" Eco-farm as gifts for its customers.
"Tomato Valley" Eco-farm is a new agriculture enterprise intergrating Internet technology with production and sales. It is the first online-to-offline (OTO) family farm in the city.
Two hundred customers will be chosen randomly to receive the gifts, and free delivery service will be provided. Customers must provide confirmation by going to Xiamen Harmony Dental to provide their delivery address on June 4th and 5th.
Xiamen Harmony Dental/协和口腔
Founded in 2006, Xiamen Harmony Dental adopts an international dental treatment model with advanced technology and equipment, helping patients smile with confidence.
Dentist here can speak fluent English, making service more convenient for non-Chinese customers.
Address: Unit 106, 15 Xidi Nanli, Guomao Xin Long Cheng alone Lujiang Avenue/厦门西堤南里15号106 (鹭江道国贸信隆城)
Tel: 0592-2391222
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