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The King of Xiamen's roads, mountain tracks & trails - Yoeleo 29er

Updated: 2016-07-19
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It had been a long wait since I placed the order, but it was worth the wait for the Yoeleo M91 29er, undoubtedly the king of Xiamen mountain bikes built for heavy individuals like me. I was ecstatic when Leo told me to come collect my new bike from his showroom. I am lucky to be in Xiamen where Yoeleo’s headquarters are based, and to have the personal attention of the CEO, Leo, who is himself a bike enthusiast.
The Yoeleo M91 is a giant-sized bike that weighs less than 13 kg. It is sturdy and slick looking. It’s a heavy-duty machine but very light to ride. It turns bumpy roads, dirt roads, and mountain tracks into big avenues.
My Yoeleo M91 29er is custom built to my body size. I'm 185cm and weigh 108 kg, and riding on gravel roads and mountain dirt tracks has been a challenging but pleasant experience that I've slowly become addicted to.  Since this new bike was built to my body measurements, all the ailments caused by my old bike, such as shoulder tension, stiff neck, and back discomfort, are all things of the past now.
The Yoeleo’s 29er M30 Carbon Wheels have good track holding ability, enabling the bike to climb diagonally along even the slipperiest and highest of grass slopes and loose gravel hills. Fujian Province, where Xiamen is located, has perfect topography, terrain, and scenery for testing out the bike. The landscape is mountainous subtropical rainforest; among the high mountains of the province are some amazing dirt roads that pass by beautiful scenery and tucked-away villages. This was the terrain that I set out on to road-test the bike, and my new custom-made beauty passed with flying colors. Apart from when the front handle bar fell loose from the steering joint, which was fixed promptly by Leo himself, the bike stood up to all tests.
I rode the bike up a 15-cm concrete step hurdle, and I rode the bike down over multiple concrete steps; I also took the bike for a full-power uphill ride. The 30-speed Shimano gears and chain stood up well to my weight and punishment going up the hill. I also rode the bike along gravel roads and rocky trails.
On a downhill national road, I got the bike up to over 80km/h. The bike was sturdy, negotiating bends nicely, and I felt safe as the bike handled very well.
My Yoeleo M91 29er has the following properties:
Apart from the superior Shimano SH-XT785-30s and Fox 29er FLOAT Fork, I give credit to the Yoeleo 29er M91 bike on the two most important components:
1. Yoeleo 29er M91 Hardtail
2. 29er M30 Carbon Wheels
Yoeleo 29er M91 Hardtail
Yoeleo 29er M91 Hardtail has been tested on a wide range of rugged and steep Fujian mountain trails. What’s really impressive is that it’s capable of heavy load off-road; It can comfortably negotiate bumpy, cross-country, mountain tracks yet still be quick and nimble on normal paved national roads. 
The Yoeleo 29er M91 Hardtail uses layers of high-quality carbon fiber to achieve its stiff, reliable, and responsive ride. The 29er hardtail frame is ultra-light and pedal efficient. Round this all out with its comfortable and stable geometry, and you've got the most responsive ride a heavier cyclist can experience. 
29er M30 Carbon Wheels
My mountain bike is equipped with new 29er M30 Carbon Wheels and 29-inch tires that are 3 inches wide. The tires offer some of the benefits of fat bikes in a more manageable package for general mountain bike use. The 29er M30 can take the edge off rough terrain; the tires provide intense traction on loose sand and gravel trails.
Yoeleo supplies the light-weight, high-performance 29er M30 carbon wheels, equipped with hookless rims, which makes the wheels compatible with tubeless tires. The wheels and tires have the following options:
Wheels For: AM (All Mountain) / XC (Cross Country)
Tires: 29er Plus Clincher | Tubeless Ready | Hookless
Decal Color: Blue / Red / Ghost / Green
Weave Finish: 3K Matt / 3K Glossy / UD Matt
Rim Material: Carbon Fiber T700
Rim Depth: 25mm
Rim Width: 50mm
Rim Weight: 510+/-15g
How to enquire and order
You can order bike components online or you can ask Leo to custom build a full bike. Shipping is free. Order information and contact details below.
Online order:
Address: 3rd Floor, 1#, Shuangli Industrial Park, Fanghubei'er Road, Xiamen, Fujian, China 361000
Telephone: + 86 (0) 592 5651740, + 86 (0) 592 5651740
Emails: ,
Follow the QR Code for Yoeleo wechat!
SOURCE: WOX Team by Troy LEE
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