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Overview of Xiamen cycling safety campaign for Sep. 3rd, 2016

Updated: 2016-08-15
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Slogan: Watch Bike, Save Life! 

Chinese slogan: 和谐骑行 安全有你
Proposed event date: September 3rd, 2016 
Principle organizer: Yoeleo Carbon Technology
Event host: WOX 
Charity: China Disabled Persons Federation - CDPF
Watch for bikes, save a life! Our purpose is to raise road safety awareness among the motorists in Xiamen to be on the lookout for bikes. For the first trial run, we are to launch an organized bicycle ride of about 30 to 40 people on September 3rd, 2016 through a predetermined route, stopping at some major hotels, following all traffic rules and safety practices, to make motorists (buses, trucks, cars) aware of cyclists on the streets of Xiamen. 
The campaign is to promote “Watch for Bikes, Save a Life," to raise awareness among motorists that they should watch for cyclists as we are all road users; however, as cyclists, our safety, our lives, and our families' stakes are in their hands.
China Disabled Persons Federation – CDPF will be the target charitable organization. All monies collected as donations or pledges by the Riders will be donated to them with the purpose of providing financial assistance to the victims of Bicycle Accidents.
Proposed route
The route will be along city streets with seven major hotels as stopovers and rest points, in order as follows:
1. Marco Polo Xiamen (starting point)
2. Sheraton Xiamen Hotel (stopover)
3. Langham Place Xiamen (stopover)
4. TFC Conference Centre (Mid-point stopover)
5. Xiamen Seaview Resort (stopover)
6. Conrad Xiamen (stopover)
7. Swiss International Hotel Xiamen (finish line)
1. The ride begins at Marco Polo Xiamen; the hotel will provide amenities, venue, and water.  
2. Thereafter, each hotel is to provide water and some small snacks. In return, each hotel will be used as a photo location, and the riders will take group photos showing riders and hotel signage/staff.
3. TFC Conference Centre will be considered the midpoint. Some beverages and a light lunch will be provided.
4. Swiss International Hotel Xiamen will be the finish line. Charity monies collected will be presented to China Disabled Persons Federation in the form of a cheque given in a brief presentation. Yoeleo will have a display showcasing its new R6 cycle.
5. Two speakers, Chinese and English, will talk about Cycle Safety during the start of the ride and share their experiences after the ride.
6. Proposed speakers are:
MC: Doug 
Leo, YoeLeo Carbon 
Roger, Mair
See appendix for more information
Appendix 1 - Ride for Road Safety Cycling Champaign in Xiamen 
Xiamen is a beautiful city; let's make it a fun, livable city for people, not just traffic. We can help achieve that by reducing the number of cars on the roads to ease traffic congestions and contribute to zero carbon emissions while keeping ourselves fit through regular cycling.
Road cycling in Xiamen can be scary and dangerous at times, but Xiamen is in fact a safe place to ride your bike if you know how the traffic behaves. The key factors are that you should know where, how, and what various dangers can appear when you're riding in traffic.
We are a mixed group of local people and expats who help to teach people in Xiamen about bike safety so we can all continue to enjoy cycling in Xiamen. 
While we do this, we also aim to teach motorists to watch out for bikes and help improve cycling conditions by driving courteously in the presence of bikes.  
1. Keeping the city green through carbon free transport.
2. Teaching motorists to watch out for bikes and be more prepared to observe traffic road rules when they see bikes on the roads to save life. 
3. Cycling campaign to stress the importance of safety for bikes for a friendlier city.
Concept for Xiamen Cycling Traffic Safety Awareness 
1. We will form a big group that will cycle through Xiamen with banners to raise awareness among motorists (cars, busses, trucks) of the safety hazards affecting cyclists in Xiamen.
2. Cyclists participating may collect pledges from friends/family to sponsor each rider for the ride.
1. Riders will display flags and small banners on their bikes with campaign slogans in both Chinese and English such as:
Watch for bikes, save a life
Drive safely, watch for bikes
Both motorists and bikers have to observe traffic rules 
Give way at pedestrian crossings
Steel and flesh, egg against stone, we need your attention
2. Pledges of donations collected by cyclists will be collected and used for the benefit of cyclists injured from an accident involving a motor vehicle and requiring medical care.
Date of Event 
September 3rd, 2016, 8:30 a.m till 5:30 p.m.
Outline of cycling routes and activities
Start at Marco Polo area and proceed along a route that will cross Xiamen Island from West to East, with final destination at Swiss International.
Route will have pre-arranged stops at major hotels, to rest and refreshed while building up the campaign.
Each stop will have beverages and snacks offered by the hotels.
Proposed route:
Sponsors, Vendors, NGOs, Government offices
Yoeleo Carbon Technology (WOX)
China Disabled Persons Federation - CDPF
Chinese bike clubs
Marco Polo 
Swiss International Hotel Xiamen
TFC Conference Centre
Wyndham Grand Xiamen Hotel
Xiamen Seaview Resort 
Langham Place Xiamen
Sheraton Xiamen Hotel
Conrad Xiamen
Qingyou Instant Print
Xiamen Tourism Bureau 
Xiamen International Tourism Ambassadors
120 Emergency Services 
Professional riders
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