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It's all fun at 2016 Gulangyu Cup Youth Baseball Tournament

Updated: 2016-10-21
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The 2016 Gulangyu Cup Youth Baseball Tournament was held on Gulangyu People’s Stadium Tuesday.
On October 18th, four youth baseball teams in Xiamen slugged it out in the 2016 Gulangyu Cup Youth Baseball Tournament at the Gulangyu People’s Stadium.

The four teams have been active and accomplished competitors in a variety of national and cross-Strait baseball games.

Though there's big age gap between the four young teams, however, the much younger teams took on the matches with big showdowns of courage and fighting spirit.

This was the nature of the baseball games fought at the pitch at Gulangyu People's Stadium this Tuesday.
Sports culture plays a vital role in Gulangyu’s history and cultural heritage. In recent years in China, youth baseball has developed rapidly; there are now thousands of youth baseball teams across the country.

The Gulangyu Cup was jointly organized by the Siming Culture, Sports, and Publishing Bureau, and the Gulangyu Sub-district Bureau. The event aimed to promote the development of youth baseball in Xiamen. It is expected to be a regular event in the city.

Gulangyu People’s Stadium
The Gulangyu People’s Stadium has a history of more than 100 years. The facility was first used as a tennis court called Fan Zai Qiu Pu (番仔球埔) in 1872. In Xiamen, the history of modern football can be traced back to February 1898, when an English missionary set up a school -- Ying Wa School -- on Gulangyu. The area was turned into a football pitch and then a baseball field after the area was invaded and occupied by foreign militaries. Fan Zai Qiu Pu was renamed People’s Stadium/人民体育场 in the 1950s.
Click here for more photos about the 2016 Gulangyu Cup Youth Baseball Tournament.
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