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Uniqers - A sneaker brand brings the Art of Walking to Xiamen

Updated: 2017-04-07
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On March 25th, a "Uniqers Road Trip," the first stop of the Uniqers Design Tour, was held at Xiamen University's Tan Kah Kee College. About 50 people participated in the tour's "creativeness competition," which ended with a finals round.
Candidates made their unique sneakers during the Uniqers Road Trip.

"UNIQERS" originates from "Unique + Sneakers". The brand creates a unique theme-based sneaker image with character. Uniqers seeks to create more than shoes -- “not specific to category, construction, era, culture or heritage."

Uniqers is the first brand of its kind to originate in Xiamen, with international cooperation from BSK from India, and Susan Chen, a Xiamen local.
BSK (L) and Susan Chen (R)


A shoe which is simple, minimalistic, yet practical and smart. Designed in the age of modern sports where technology has surpassed the limitations of the industrial revolution, Uniqers shoes let the wearer express themselves and enjoy life at their pace, in comfort.

Uniqers is a platform for creative expression, a canvas to let your imagination run loose. Uniqers adapts to any form, lifestyle and individual point of view. It provides freedom to the individual to travel, relax, do what they want when they want.

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