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16 rugby teams to compete in 2019 Gulangyu Cup on May 11

Updated: 2019-04-29
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The ten-a-side rugby tournament is scheduled for May 11th at the Gulangyu People's Stadium this year. The event is an annual rugby competition held on the scenic and historic Gulangyu Island since May 2009. It's a great chance for Xiamen locals to tour Gulangyu and enjoy a weekend of sport.
This year, the event is also called "Gulangyu Cup"; 15 men's rugby teams and one women's teams will slug it out in the competitive event.
This year's participating teams:



Beijing Aardvarks

The Aardvarks are Beijing’s most social rugby team! Started in 1999 by a bunch of students who missed playing rugby and some keen-to-learn Chinese friends, the Aardvarks have grown season by season. Comprised mainly of young professionals & students, the Aardvarks is all about meeting new friends, playing good rugby and having fun.
From newbies to pros, any experience level is welcome. The Beijing Aardvarks R.F.C can help to keep you fit, learn a new game or stay in game form. With regular training and players from all around the world, the camaraderie will go well beyond your time in Beijing.
Beijing Ducks Rugby
Beijing Ducks was founded in 2017 with the vision of creating a platform for Chinese players in the local rugby 7s system to get involved in 15s club rugby and to provide an example in Beijing for other regions to create a more integrated 15s club rugby scene with both Chinese and non-Chinese players.
Bulldogs rugby club
Bulldogs rugby club is like a box of chocolates, loaded with surprises, some delightful and some downright disagreeable. The yummy ones, of course, are easy to swallow, but the yucky ones are sometimes hard to stomach.
Hailing from 11 countries   Bulldogs will be entering a true home grown  hard core with a delicious Barbarian topping  and a sprinkling of mercenary superstars

Changzhou Giants
The seasoned, established club, with traditions in hard, smash-mouth islander rugby, and the new kids on the block with fresh faced gap year students who play with an arrogance that belies their young years! The irresistible force meeting the immovable object. Wuhan Baiji. Changzhou Giants. Together we form – the Giant Baiji!
Big touring squad descending on Xiamen for the 10th Anniversary – here’s hoping it’s more like the 2016 debut of Baiji when the boys made the Cup Semis and less like 2017 Baiji when we were the first team eliminated in the teapot semi final!
Then, to hark back to your younger years for those old enough to remember (or care) – look out for a bunch of oddly shaped men in tight spandex and fluorescent headbands keen to “motivate” at the beach party!
Fuzhou Tigers

Fuzhou Tigers RFC is the first club in the All China Cup League to have mainly Chinese players, whilst welcoming people from all nationalities.
Founded in 2010 with a men's and women's team equaling to just under 100 members, with an average of 30. The club is a multi-cultered and multi-national family.
From 2015-2017 the club as successfully hosted 3 Cross Strait Tournements in China, thus gaining wide public attention.

Impact Prowear Tigers





Impact Prowear Tigers are a newly formed team residing in Hong Kong and their beautiful outlying Islands. Boasting a squad with the average age of 52, be prepared to watch them play some under the jumper, straight running, direct rugby. Something rarely seen since the glory days of the early 1970's..... Their Captain, Team Leader, Motivator and all round great guy (Hogan) will be pushing these boys to their absolute limits when it come to playing and post match drinking! Let the party begin!!
Nanjing Rockets RFC

Nanjing Rockets RFC are a non-profit, non-professional sports organisation established in 2012 to give the opportunity to past Chinese and expatriate players to continue to play rugby. We have a squad of around 40 male players aged from 19 to 32. 50% of the squad are Chinese and this number is growing. We also have a women’s team made up of around 12 members. All of the women’s team are either expatriate students or teachers. We play in the East Sino division, which contains  teams, 3 teams in Shanghai, including Shanghai University of sports, Suzhou, Changzhou, Hangzhou, Yiwu and Wuhan. We also play in invitational tournaments around China, such as those in Beijing and Xiamen.

Today we bring 19 players and one coach to play in Xiamen for our 7th appearance. We come from 9 different countries and have 9 Chinese players.



Shanghai Dolphins Rugby Club


Playing Colours: Sky and Deep Oceanic Blue covered in as many dolphins as possible

Since 2015, the Shanghai Dolphins have set the standard for social rugby in Shanghai. Arguably more committed to our pursuits away from the pitch, we welcome players of all standards from all over the world who enjoy and value the spirit of rugby. This year is our second at the Xiamen Gulangyu 10s and with our fine blend of French passion, Australian confidence, Argentinian style, Irish subtlety, and American reservation we know it won’t be the last invitation.

You’ll know where to find us: beneath the club flags and at the source of the glorious “in the ocean, the mighty ocean, the dolphin swims tonight” renditions. When you come over, just pray you don’t meet Bernard and if you do, beware of the slap.



Shanghai Silver Dragons



Shanghai Silver Dragons return to Xiamen 10s looking to win back the championship, having lost to Guangzhou in a thrilling final last year. Fresh from their run out in the Hong Kong 10s, The Silver Dragons will be bringing a real mix of experienced Xiamen 10's veterans along with new talent eager to get their first ever fix of Xiamen rugby.

Xiamen 10s is a particular favorite in the Silver Dragons calendar due to the competitive rugby, spirit and of course carnival atmosphere on display.



Shenzhen Dragons Rugby Club



The China Patent Office has ranked Shenzhen #1 this year for number of new patents issued. They don’t rank rugby teams but we’re pretty sure they’d put the Shenzhen Dragons at #1 too if they did. This Chinese, French, Russian and English-speaking crew rolls into Xiamen looking at exiting in another Cup semi-final. Since 2008 they’ve been a tournament team highlighting 10s and 7s events across Asia.
This year’s squad features the absolute best players from Europe (according to them) who have all come to China for business. The Dragons 15 a side squad already won the All China Cup a few years ago and have been since focusing on the upping their social game at tournaments just like the Xiamen 10s. So watch out for costumes, songs, and a few surprises.


Guangzhou Rams RFC
Hailing from South China’s first tier mega-city, the Rams have been the region’s premier rugby club for over 20 years. Whilst the city may not have the same pool of expats that you may find in Hong Kong or Shanghai, recent years have seen the Rams build a formidable squad which has become a permanent fixture on the China Rugby finals landscape. Touring across Asia to both sevens and tens tournaments, the Rams adopted the moniker ‘Playboys’ which almost certainly resulted from the teams legendary ability in the third half. From that nickname comes the stunning playing kit you will see gracing the Gulangyu People’s Stadium during the tournament.

Xiamen Typhoons RFC




The Typhoons were officially formed in January 2009 from a group of enthusiasts who had been playing touch rugby together for several years and finally decided to get their act together. This gave rise to the inaugural Xiamen Gulangyu Rugby Tens, held in May 2009. Come 2018, they Typhoons are hosting their tenth installment of the Xiamen Tens, look forward to celebrating with all our China rugby friends.
The Typhoons consists of over twenty different nationalities. Many have never played rugby before, but all have been brought together by a common need to do some exercise between drinking sessions.

Yiwu Mustangs


The Yiwu Mustangs were formed in 2016 to build a club around a core group of players that were hungry for some full contact rugby. Within 3 years the club has grown to over 30 members and some 18 players. Although still growing, the team has enjoyed competing in some of China's best 10's tournaments. Over the coming years the team plans to become the rugby force within Zhejiang and Eastern China.

2019 Gulangyu Cup International Rugby Clubs Tournament
2019 鼓浪屿杯橄榄球俱乐部友谊赛

8 a.m. to 6 p.m., May 11th, 2019
On the natural grass of the Gulangyu People's Stadium
Free Entry!

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