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Xiamen Nunchakus Club

Updated: 2009-12-26
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Nunchakus, or numchucks, nunchucks, chucks and chain sticks, are a traditional weapon and Wushu tool used in China. It became popular throughout the world through Bruce Lee's movies.


In Xiamen there is a group of nunchakus lovers with the same dream of practicing Wushu and the same hobby of nunchakus. They set up the 1st nunchakus club in Xiamen, the Xiamen Nunchakus Club.


Mr. Zhong Zhong, 38 years old, is one of the founders of the nunchakus club. When talking about nunchakus, he can talk non-stop about every move of the nunchakus he knows.


Zhong said that when he was in junior high school he first knew learned about nunchakus through Bruce Lee's movies: "I was soon attracted and fell in love with nunchakus when I first saw it in a movie, it wass so cool."


It was hard to buy nunchakus at that time, so he made his first nunchakus by himself. During a long period in the beginning, the only way he could learn nunchakus was standing in front of the television, and imitating every move from Bruce Lee.


In 2006, he saw a Korean programme "nunchakus in fancy style" for the first time on the internet. Though he didn't know Korean, he still imitated every move from the programme. By this chance, he made some friends who enjoyed the same hobby.


At the end of 2007, he began to look for friends who also love nunchakus in Xiamen through the internet. After half a year's effort, he gathered dozens of nunchakus lovers, and formally set up the Xiamen Nunchakus Club.


They held their first party on May Day in 2008. More than 20 members were participating in the party at that time. Though the nunchakus they had were not regular ones, the party was successful. Every one had a good time and showed their best moves at the party.


Now, they hold a party every weekend on the lawn in front of the Lundu Ferry Terminal. Their party also attracts nunchakus lovers from other provinces and countries.


There was once an Indian, who was introduced by his friends, who came and exchanged nunchakus moves in the club.


After one and a half year's development, there are over 300 members in the club now, Zhong said. The members came from all professions and trades, the oldest member is over 50 years old, and the youngest one is only 7 years old.


Xiamen Nunchakus Club

Contact QQ: 503690912, 78055207 (group)


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