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Kitesurfing, a new, exciting and challenging sport in Xiamen

Updated: 2009-07-23
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Kitesurfing, an exciting and challeging water sport


A good way to fight against summer heat is to consume plenty of cold drinks, possibly a better way is to go swimming. However there could be an even more enjoyable way with the introduction here of the sport of kitesurfing. 


Taking up kitesurfing, one can not only feel the refreshing qualities of cool water but there will also be the added excitement about sensations experienced by feeling the power of the wind and the challenging features of mastering kitesurfing direction, speed and movement.


Kitesurfing or kiteboarding, is a surface water sport, which uses wind power to pull a rider through the water on a small surfboard or a kiteboard. It originated from Hawaii in 1998.


Nowadays, the sport is becoming safer due to innovations in kite design, safety release systems, and instruction courses organised by experts. Riding styles have evolved to suit different riders under various conditions, such as wakestyle, waveriding, freestyle, jumping, and cruising.


Explained simply, it's just like snowboarding or skateboarding on the water. However, it is not just about experiencing the snowboarding or skateboarding. It brings you an additional feeling of freedom to fly: the freedom of jumping off the water, without the necessity of a wave for a ramp. During special moments you can feel like you're kiting in an unpopulated and untouched world. You're on your own. You're in your own world.


In the past few years, kitesurfing has become a fashion and more and more popular with the general public. The reasons for the growing popularity of kitesurfing can probably be attributed to the following features.


1) Easy to learn

Compared with other water sports, kitesurfing is easier as there is no special requirement for learners. Generally, a beginner can understand how to control the kite by 5-10 hours formal training. Anybody aged from 13 to 65 can learn kitesurfing.


2) Low cost and convenience

One can only pay around 10,000RMB for a full set of kitesurfing equipment. Compared with other water sports, the equipment for kitesurfing is more convenient for carrying around as the kite can be put into a bag and the whole equipment weighs less than 20 kilograms.


3) Safe, exciting and challenging

Kitesurfing becomes even safer as the innovation of its equipment progresses. One can enjoy the excitement and challenging sensations of kitesurfing after some formal training. In a short period of time anyone can have the ability and confidence to kitesurf freely.


In Xiamen, the only kiteboarding club is Xiamen Hybrid Sailing Club. It was founded in October 2008 and is located at Huandao Road or Round Island Road.


The club provides professional kitesurfing training and equipment leasing/maintenance for kitesurfing, windsurfing and related services such as rescue etc. A full set of kitesurfing equipment is provided including kitesurfing harness, kites for training, 9 meter kites, 12 meter kites, surfboard, life jackets, and helmets.


Address: Huandao Nan Road, near Rasa Sayang.
Contact number: 13959211005



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