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Have your say in dining experience in Xiamen's restaurants, cafes and other food outlets!
WOX puts up an opinion poll on whatever you think about the dining experiences you have, to pick some of the best or some of the worst restaurants, cafes and other food outlets in Xiamen or Fujian.
Opinion polls here are taken at random, their samples, time period, and their sample sizes vary. The poll results are based absolutely on the market survey at the time. However, WOX doesn't guarantee its relevancy and accuracy. Market sentiment changes over time. The poll results here are for members' entertainment only, WOX takes no responsibility on the accuracy and relevancy of the data collected.
History Votings
Monday ,08 October 2012
What attracts you at Bellissima Restaurant & Café?
    The location offers a hideaway from the hustle and bustle of downtown 13.51%
    Mediterranean-style decor and environment 10.81%
    Mediterranean menu 18.92%
    Wide selections of dishes and drinks 8.11%
    More tailored choices by chef based on your requests 10.81%
    Good and friendly service 18.92%
    Reasonable price 18.92%
Wednesday ,18 January 2012
What attracts you at Bamboo House?
    Quiet and beautiful environment 47.06%
    Wide selections on the menu 29.41%
    Wonderful music 5.88%
    Great party 17.65%
Wednesday ,30 November 2011
Which hotel's buffet dinner is your favourite?
    Seaview Resort Xiamen 15.63%
    Marco Polo Hotel 31.25%
    Pan Pacific Xiamen 12.50%
    Wyndham Hotel 15.63%
    Royal Victoria Hotel 0.00%
    Crowne Plaza Xiamen 25.00%
Tuesday ,15 November 2011
What attracts you at Havana Latin Restaurant?
    Latin American cuisine 27.27%
    Wide selections on the menu 18.18%
    Various music and bands 22.73%
    Decent cocktails 13.64%
    Downtown location in the beautiful Haiwan Park with wonderful sea views 18.18%
Friday ,17 June 2011
What's your favourate summer beer to cool down with?
    Tsingtao 29.41%
    Corona 35.29%
    Heineken 5.88%
    Tiger 5.88%
    Erdinger 11.76%
    Kirin 5.88%
    Asahi 5.88%
Monday ,14 February 2011
Dining at Japanese BBQ Fourseasons, what do you like the best?
    Relaxed dining environment with its modern and upscale interior 9.09%
    Convenient location-on the 4th floor of the Paragon Centre 0.00%
    DIY Japanese-style BBQ 27.27%
    Smoke-free "Yakiniku" 27.27%
    Typical Japanese dishes 9.09%
    Hot pot 18.18%
    Friendly service 9.09%
Saturday ,25 December 2010
Which is the best Thai rastaurant from this list in Xiamen?
    1. Pattaya Thaifood Restaurant(芭堤雅泰餐厅) on Lianyue Road 28.57%
    2. Waipojia Restaurant of Multi-national Foods (外婆家多国料理) at Lundu Area 7.14%
    3.Thai Food Restaurant (泰之家) at Zengcuoan 21.43%
    4. Golden Elephant Bay Thai Restaurant (金象湾泰国餐厅) at Hexiang Xi Er Road 35.71%
    5. Taikeai Thailand Restaurant (泰可爱泰国餐厅) at Southeastern Asian Hotel 7.14%
Friday ,03 December 2010
What are you most looking forward to about this Christmas at Wyndham Xiamen Hotel?
    Christmas specials 26.67%
    Complimentary buffet 6.67%
    Christmas goodies at ‘Christmas House’ 6.67%
    Attractive room package and fantastic gala dinner 20.00%
    Indulge in Christmas Eve Dinner and enjoy exciting performance 33.33%
    Lucky draw during the Christmas party 6.67%
Thursday ,14 October 2010
It is the season to enjoy Hotpot now. Which Hotpot restaurant do you like most in Xiamen?
    Taoxiang Hot Pot Restaurant (陶乡涮涮锅) 18.42%
    Hutu Hot Pot Restaurant Jiahedian (糊涂火锅) 10.53%
    Xiaofeiyang Hotpot Xiamen (小肥羊火锅) 31.58%
    Chongqing Sudajie Old Hot Pot (重庆苏大姐火锅) 2.63%
    Li Laoliu Hot Pot Restaurant (重庆李老六火锅) 15.79%
    Xiaoshan Dongxin Hot Pot (小山东火锅) 10.53%
    Xiangpaifang Chongqing Hot Pot (香牌坊火锅) 10.53%
Saturday ,25 September 2010
What attracts you to Marco Polo Xiamen in this nice September?
    Thai Food Festival 25.00%
    International lunch buffet 12.50%
    International Dinner Buffet 18.75%
    Mid-Autumn Festival Feast 12.50%
    Salmon Feast 25.00%
    Fresh American Oyster Dinner 6.25%
Tuesday ,14 September 2010
Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. What flavor of mooncake do you like best?
    White lotus seed paste with melon seeds 21.05%
    Lotus seed paste with sweet corn 5.26%
    Minced red bean 5.26%
    Coconut and sweet potato 15.79%
    Black sesame 10.53%
    Prune and black currant 10.53%
    Shark's fin, abalone and sea cucumber 10.53%
    Red lotus seeds with egg yolk 15.79%
    Nuts with ham 5.26%
Friday ,27 August 2010
Which styles of cooking do you like in Chinese restaurants?
    Shandong cuisine 15.38%
    Guangdong cuisine 15.38%
    Sichuan cuisine 23.08%
    Hunan cuisine 7.69%
    Fujian cuisine 0.00%
    Zhejiang cuisine 7.69%
    Jiangsu cuisine 7.69%
    Anhui cuisine 0.00%
    Hubei cuisine 23.08%
Friday ,23 July 2010
Which hotel's buffet is more satisfying your appetite in Xiamen?
    Le Meridien Hotel 6.67%
    Wyndham Hotel 13.33%
    Millennium Harbourview Hotel 13.33%
    Pan Pacific Hotel 13.33%
    Marco Polo Hotel 26.67%
    Sheraton Hotel 20.00%
    Peony International Hotel 6.67%
Tuesday ,29 June 2010
Have you ever tried these local snacks of following?
    Oyster omelette-Hai li jian (海蛎煎) 14.29%
    Sea worm jelly-Tu sun dong (土笋冻) 14.29%
    Smelly toufu-Chou dou fu (臭豆腐) 3.57%
    Glutinous rice cake-Ma ci (麻糍) 10.71%
    Tea egg-Cha ye dan (茶叶蛋) 14.29%
    Preserved egg-Pi dan (皮蛋) 7.14%
    Satay sauce noodles-sha cha mian (沙茶面) 14.29%
    Gluey Noodles-Mian xian hu (面线糊) 7.14%
    Jelly fish salad-Hai zhe pi (海蜇皮) 14.29%
Monday ,14 June 2010
Where do you watch 2010 World Cup with friends?
    Yummy Yummy Restaurant 8.33%
    Venice Cafe 16.67%
    Indiano John Indian Restaurant 16.67%
    Londoner Bar 25.00%
    JJ Bar 0.00%
    Me & you 2 Bar 25.00%
    Havana Beach 0.00%
    Seaview Resort 0.00%
    Wyndham Hotel 0.00%
    Le Meridien Xiamen 0.00%
    Pan Pacific Xiamen 8.33%
    Sheraton Hotel 0.00%

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