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Have your say in dining experience in Xiamen's restaurants, cafes and other food outlets!
WOX puts up an opinion poll on whatever you think about the dining experiences you have, to pick some of the best or some of the worst restaurants, cafes and other food outlets in Xiamen or Fujian.
Opinion polls here are taken at random, their samples, time period, and their sample sizes vary. The poll results are based absolutely on the market survey at the time. However, WOX doesn't guarantee its relevancy and accuracy. Market sentiment changes over time. The poll results here are for members' entertainment only, WOX takes no responsibility on the accuracy and relevancy of the data collected.
History Votings
Monday ,07 September 2009
What do you learn about Tuscany, the fusion western restaurant?
    Philipine Chef Allan G.Andeta 14.63%
    Home Made Ice Cream 9.76%
    Mexican Food 17.07%
    Italian Coffee 12.20%
    Belgium Deserts 4.88%
    Pizza Pizza 19.51%
    Garlic Bread 7.32%
    Simple Western Set Breakfast 2.44%
    Italian Food 12.20%
Tuesday ,25 August 2009
What's your favorite at Venice Cafe, the Italian Rastaurant?
    Authentic Italian Coffee 19.35%
    Pleasant Scented Tea 6.45%
    Delicious Western Food 16.13%
    The Hand-crafted Italian Ice Cream 22.58%
    Classic Cocktails 16.13%
    Open-air Observation Balcony 9.68%
    Picturesque Lake View 9.68%
Wednesday ,12 August 2009
What attracts you at Havana, the Spanish Restaurant & Latin Bar
    Latin style decoration 6.25%
    Spanish mixed paella 10.42%
    Tepas 6.25%
    Meat platter 18.75%
    Crazy cocktails 18.75%
    Philippine Band performance 4.17%
    Live Flamengo performance & warm party on weekends 14.58%
    Quiet yard 16.67%
    Service 4.17%
Thursday ,30 July 2009
What do you like best at les CHAMPS , Xiamen's only herb garden restaurant & bar?
    Fresh herbs garden 17.95%
    Tenderloin steak fused with spices and herbs 20.51%
    Salmon fillet in fresh herbs and sauces 25.64%
    Wood-fire stone oven pizza covered in melting cheese, fresh herbs, choice of fillings etc 15.38%
    Location, in a 2 storey house next to the Philippines Embassy 10.26%
    Fusion dishes - East meets West 10.26%
Wednesday ,22 July 2009
Please select your best gym in Xiamen!
    Smart Hero Club 52.75%
    Dushifeng Gym 23.08%
    City Club 17.58%
    Hosa fitness 6.59%
Tuesday ,21 July 2009
Which club or bar you like most in Haiwan Park?
    Bar Blanc 9.70%
    Me & you 2 24.24%
    The Key 24.24%
    Honey Club 3.03%
    JJ 22.42%
    KK 16.36%
Wednesday ,08 July 2009
Which is the best cafe in xiamen on the list?
    Javaroma 26.00%
    GEOGEO 31.00%
    Venice Cafe 18.00%
    The Coffee Club 25.00%
Saturday ,04 July 2009
Which is the best Japanese rastaurant from this list in xiamen?
    Miyabi Japanese at Jinyan Hotel 23.39%
    DAKOU 18.13%
    Masako Japanese Restaurant 20.47%
    Songhe Japanese Restaurant 8.77%
    Dosun Japanese Restaurant 8.77%
    Tokyoto 20.47%

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