Xihu Park - The oldest park in Fuzhou

Updated: 20 Jun 2009
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Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian, has another nickname " the city of banyan ", and it sits at the lower reaches of the Minjiang River. Fuzhou has a long history which can be dated back to the Xia Dynasty, and is rich in cultural heritage. In 1986, it was listed as a historic city by the State Council. When visiting Fuzhou, one should not miss its typical scenic spots such as parks, mountains, and towers. There are many parks in Fuzhou and they are the popular spots for local people to enjoy their leisure time and the most famous one is Xihu Park.


Xihu Park, also called West Lake Park, is a well preserved ancient park with the typical style of a classical garden. It is located in the northwestern part of Fuzhou city and its history can be dated back to the Jin Dynasty. As early as the Tang Dynasty, it has been a tourist attraction.


The entrance of Xihu park


The park covers an area of 42.51 hectares, 12.21 hectares of land area and 30.3 hectares of lake area. In the ancient times, many famous poets wrote poems to admire its beautiful sceneries. Therefore, it enjoys a reputation among the local as "the Pearl among Fujian gardens".
There are 8 major scenic spots in Xihu Garden:


Xianqiao Liuse (Willow Causeway)
Kaihua Iset
Ziwei Hall (Crape Myrtle Hall)
Kaihua Temple
Wanzai Hall
Gengyi Pavilion
Guizhai (Cherry Bay Hall)
Dameng Mountain Scenic Spot

In Xihu Park, there are a large quantity of architecture of long history, such as the Willow Causeway built in 1930, Kaihua Islet built in 1914, Gengyi Pavilion firstly built in Five Dynasties. Also, with pavilions, lakes and various trees and flowers, West Lake Park is endowed with beautiful landscapes.



Xihu Park - the typical style of classical garden


Another attractive spot in West Lake Park is the Fujian Museum, which is located on the bank of Xihu Lake. The Fujian Museum takes covers an area of 12 thousand square kilometres. At present, there are nearly 200 thousand exhibits in the museum covering many fields such as historical relics, natural specimen, traditional culture, and art. One of its characteristics is the collection of Fujian operas. The museum has been free to the public since 2008.


How to get there:


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1) Take a coach to Fuzhou from Songbai Coach Station. Then you can take bus: 1, 65, 70, 74, 109, 100, 111, 88 and take off at Xihu bus stop.


2) Use a travel agent:

Renting a van packaged with driver is the next best alternative. Call Apple Travel to organize a group tour. If you’ve a small group, The ideal number in the group is 5 or 6.



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