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 Explore the amazing wildlife surrounding Yundang Lake   Add:2014-09-03
 Hot springs resorts & spa hotels in Xiamen   Add:2014-04-09
 Explore meteorological theme park on Xiamen's Huwei Hill   Add:2014-04-03
 Yundang Lake: Xiamen's inlet waterway   Add:2014-03-05
 Where to go strawberry picking in Xiamen   Add:2014-01-15
 Niuzhuang Cultural and Creative Park in Xiamen   Add:2013-10-16
 China's most beautiful railway: Xiamen Railway Cultural Park    Add:2013-05-18
 Haiwan Park: A nice coastal park to enjoy a walk in Xiamen   Add:2013-05-03
 Amusement facilities in Xiamen Haiwan Park   Add:2013-04-17
 Explore leisure fishing tour from Haiwan Park in Xiamen   Add:2013-04-17
 Relax yourself and breathe fresh air in Xiamen Xianyue Park   Add:2013-03-27
 5 best places to see beautiful flowers in Xiamen   Add:2013-03-25
 Bailuzhou Park: the green lung on Xiamen's Yundang Lake   Add:2013-03-06
 Leisurely boat cruises on Yundang Lake - the heart of Xiamen   Add:2013-02-16
 Huihe Stone Cultural Park in Xiamen Zhonglun Park   Add:2011-11-12
 Xiamen Haicang Safari Park   Add:2011-11-05
 Xiamen Firefly Park: China's 1st firefly-themed park   Add:2011-06-17
 Outdoor war games clubs in Xiamen   Add:2011-06-14
 Xiamen Guanyinshan Fantasy Beach Water World   Add:2011-06-03
 Kite-flying in Xiamen   Add:2010-04-13
 Fishing in Fuzhou countryside   Add:2010-02-10
 Haiwan Park's 24hours - The Xiamen park that never sleeps   Add:2009-05-27
 Green lung of Xiamen Island - Dongping Mountain   Add:2009-04-23
 The bay beach parks of Huandao Road in Xiamen   Add:2008-12-22
 Public Parks in Xiamen - Haiwan Park   Add:2008-09-12
 The Xiamen International Garden & Flower Expo Park   Add:2007-09-24
 Kitesurfing at Xiamen Beach   Add:2007-08-09
 Xiamen Beaches for Outdoor Living   Add:2007-06-16
 Xiamen City Leisure Squares and Parks   Add:2007-05-02
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