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 Just Jumping, Xiamen's first indoor trampoline park in Jimei   Add:2016-08-04
 2015 Gulangyu Cup International Football Clubs Tournament   Add:2015-06-12
 Review of 2014 Gulangyu Cup Int'l Tournament - In Video   Add:2015-03-20
 Sailing clubs in Xiamen   Add:2013-11-22
 Where to sail in Xiamen: spots for sailing adventures   Add:2013-11-22
 Sailing in China at Xiamen    Add:2013-11-08
 History of Gulangyu People's Stadium & How to get there   Add:2013-06-07
 Biking competition in Xiamen   Add:2013-04-16
 Cycling in Xiamen    Add:2013-04-16
 Bike shops and cycling clubs in Xiamen   Add:2013-04-15
 Exercise your way to better health on Mt. Xianyue, Xiamen   Add:2013-02-23
 A guide to the mountain hiking trails on Xiamen Island   Add:2013-02-18
 Gyms & fitness clubs around Xiamen SE Asian Food Street   Add:2013-01-15
 Enjoy Spa & Hot Spring holiday tour in Xiamen   Add:2012-09-28
 Golf clubs and courses in Xiamen (updated Aug 31, 2012)    Add:2012-08-30
 Hyundai China Ladies Open 2011 in Xiamen   Add:2011-12-08
 Gyms and fitness centers in Xiamen   Add:2011-08-17
 Badminton gyms in Xiamen   Add:2011-07-06
 Swimming pools & spas in Xiamen   Add:2011-06-07
 Indoor skating rinks in Xiamen    Add:2011-06-01
 Where to buy a bicycle in Xiamen   Add:2011-05-13
 Golfing in Fuzhou, 4 major golf clubs you can choose from   Add:2010-05-22
 Professional sports, sport culture and popular sports in China   Add:2010-04-19
 China lottery and how to buy lottery in Xiamen   Add:2010-01-29
 Outdoor laser combat games in Xiamen   Add:2009-11-11
 Kitesurfing, a new, exciting and challenging sport in Xiamen   Add:2009-07-23
 Table Tennis in Xiamen and where to play   Add:2009-04-11
 Squash Courts and Squash Supplies in Xiamen   Add:2009-03-13
 Badminton gymnasiums in Xiamen   Add:2009-03-11
 Tennis Courts & Tennis Clubs in Xiamen   Add:2009-02-27
 Golf courses and golf supplies in Xiamen   Add:2009-02-17
 Xiamen in becoming the Marina Capital of China   Add:2008-11-25
 China's world class sports training camps   Add:2008-08-27
 Sports in Xiamen   Add:2008-07-29
 Xiamen Swimming Pools and Summer Swimming   Add:2008-07-18
 Haiwan Park Aquatic Centre opens to the public   Add:2008-07-07
 Bike around Fujian   Add:2008-04-29
 Xiamen Golf Clubs   Add:2007-07-30
 Member Recruitment at Wuyuan Bay Sailing Club   Add:2007-07-12
 Xiamen Red Dragon sails high with David Winter on the Helm   Add:2007-07-08
 What's the NOCSP Project?   Add:2007-07-08
 Group cycling fun in Xiamen: - Run My Way knows how   Add:2007-06-29
 Ancient Chinese Football   Add:2007-06-25
 Tai Ji Quan   Add:2007-05-26
 China Rock Climbing Sites   Add:2007-05-26
 Xiamen Bicycle Rides, Tracks and Sceneries   Add:2007-05-23
 General Sports and Recreation in Xiamen   Add:2007-05-02
 Xiamen Bicycle Shops and Repairs   Add:2007-04-06
 Gyms, Fitness Clubs and Spas in Xiamen   Add:2007-03-08
 Want to Skate or Surf Board, Xiamen has a Special Venue Now   Add:2007-03-07
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