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 Visa on arrival! Q&A about 6-day visa-free transit in Xiamen   Add:2019-01-23
 A guide to Xiamen's new gigantic lookout point near XMU   Add:2016-07-25
 Gulangyu's former consulate buildings   Add:2015-06-08
 Shell Dream World on Gulangyu Island   Add:2014-09-18
 Gulangyu, the destination    Add:2014-06-20
 Entertainment facilities in Haicang TOO Aluohai City Plaza   Add:2014-05-23
 Gulangyu, the Piano Island that echoes to sound of history   Add:2014-05-15
 How to get to Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport    Add:2014-02-26
 Xiamen Gaoqi Int'l Airport, an airport renowned for services    Add:2014-02-19
 A guide to Wuyuan Bay, the China's first Love Bay in Xiamen   Add:2013-11-26
 Enjoy fun days and nights out at Xiamen's Marco Polo area   Add:2013-08-29
 New visa & residence permit regulations for foreigners   Add:2013-08-02
 Explore old Xiamen around Zhongshan Road   Add:2013-07-22
 Xiamen Disneyland - Fantawild Theme Park in Tong'an   Add:2013-05-10
 4 major tourist attractions outside Xiamen Island   Add:2013-04-29
 Gulangyu Island in Xiamen: history and the present    Add:2013-04-16
 Main entertainment facilities in Bailuzhou Park   Add:2013-02-20
 Qingjiao Ciji Palace: A 4A-level scenic spot in Xiamen Haicang   Add:2012-12-11
 Jimei School village: A symbol of Jimei in Xiamen    Add:2012-11-25
 Ningde Global Geopark in Fujian, member of UNESCO's GGN   Add:2012-10-24
 Guide to Yundang Lake night tour in Xiamen    Add:2012-10-24
 Top 10 tourist attractions in Fujian, China    Add:2012-09-03
 Weekend getaways on Gulangyu Island, Xiamen    Add:2012-07-25
 Mt. Wuyi in Fujian: No.1 scenic wonder in Southeast China   Add:2012-06-26
 Entrance fees for Fujian Tulou & Fare of sightseeing bus    Add:2011-12-14
 Underwater World Xiamen on Gulangyu Island   Add:2011-09-15
 Admission fees of tourist attractions on Gulangyu Island   Add:2011-08-03
 Migrant birds at Junfeng Mountain Nature Reserve, Sanming   Add:2010-12-10
 Major A-level scenic spots in mainland Xiamen   Add:2010-11-11
 Xiamen, the Mecca for outdoor sports lovers   Add:2010-10-15
 Churches on Gulangyu Island, Xiamen   Add:2010-09-27
 Quanzhou Anping Bridge stretches 2,255 metres long   Add:2010-09-15
 Luoyang Bridge, the oldest stone beam bridge in China   Add:2010-08-24
 China's list of cultural & natural World Heritage properties   Add:2010-08-21
 Sibao in Fujian, a town telling history of woodblock printing   Add:2010-08-14
 Taimu Mountain, a romantic place for lovers on Qixi Festival   Add:2010-08-06
 Longmenchang Ginkgo forest, Fujian's natural fairyland   Add:2010-08-04
 Visa run to Kinmen for foreigners living in China    Add:2010-08-03
 Xiamen University, a Xiamen's pride in China   Add:2010-08-02
 Youxi terraces, the Nature's palette in Central Fujian   Add:2010-07-29
 Xita Village in Ningde, the grape valley in South China   Add:2010-07-22
 Buildings of Gulangyu, the architectural marvels of China   Add:2010-07-17
 Dayushan Island in Fujian, the 'Sky Lake in the Sea' in China    Add:2010-07-15
 Tangyu Island off Pingtan Island, a summer hideaway in China   Add:2010-07-13
 Shishi City of Fujian: the sports & casual wear capital of China   Add:2010-07-03
 Rediscovery of Quanzhou - the ancient Maritime Silk Road   Add:2010-07-01
 Hua'an Dadi Tulou Cluster, a living museum in Fujian   Add:2010-06-22
 Xiamen in full bloom, the blossoming flowers in May   Add:2010-05-22
 Tian'an Methodist Church in Fuzhou   Add:2010-05-18
 Fujian's Xiapu mudflats - the Shangari-La on the Sea   Add:2010-05-05
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