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 Luxury hotels around Xiamen Conference & Exhibition Center    Add:2013-09-08
 A guide to int'l luxury hotels around Xiamen Bailuzhou Park   Add:2013-02-28
 Hubinxi Road area, a new expat zone forming fast in Xiamen   Add:2012-11-13
 Xiamen urban village Zeng Cuo An goes from zero to hero   Add:2012-09-22
 Xiamen International Community - Expats are welcome   Add:2012-05-04
 Hot springs resorts & hotels in Xiamen   Add:2011-05-18
 Recommended hotels & nearby restaurants in Xiamen   Add:2010-09-08
 Making a residential rental agreement for a foreigner in China   Add:2010-03-22
 Graceful and convenient accomodation at Xiamen Yoga Village   Add:2009-09-15
 West-Gulf Resort in Hui'an of Fujian for a weekend getaway   Add:2009-04-15
 Where to stay in Kinmen   Add:2009-03-19
 Xiamen's tourism luxury at Hotels along Huandao Road   Add:2009-03-10
 B&B homestay hostels on Gulangyu Islet   Add:2009-03-02
 Business Executive Floors In Xiamen   Add:2009-02-24
 Luxury hotels in Xiamen's tourism development   Add:2008-11-14
 Map and info of all the 5(five) star hotels in Xiamen   Add:2008-09-10
 Summer BBQ and Lifestyle at Seaview Resort Xiamen   Add:2008-08-08
 Powerlong hotel and Jinjiang City’s Powerhouse Economy   Add:2008-02-27
 Your own private hotspring pools at Trithorn Hotspring Resort   Add:2007-11-06
 Trithorn Hotspring Resort is Xiamen Latest Hotspring Resort   Add:2007-09-27
 Hotel Accomodation in Xiamen   Add:2007-04-29
 Asia Gulf Hotel Xiamen   Add:2007-04-04
 Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen   Add:2007-04-04
 Xianglu Grand Hotel   Add:2007-04-04
 Xiamen Sofitel Hotel   Add:2007-04-03
 Xiamen Sheraton Hotel   Add:2007-04-03
 Xiamen Powerlong Hotel   Add:2007-04-03
 Xiamen Mandarin   Add:2007-04-03
 Xiamen International Exhibition Centre Hotel   Add:2007-04-03
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