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 How to get to Gulangyu for football carnival on June 20, 2015   Add:2015-06-19
 Beautiful Yundang: Guanren Community - the place to be   Add:2014-10-31
 How to get to Gulangyu for 'Gulangyu Cup' Football Tournament    Add:2014-05-26
 How to get to HK from Shenzhen via Xiamen-Shenzhen HSR   Add:2014-01-03
 Social insurance for foreigners employed in China   Add:2013-08-15
 New, stricter exit and entry law takes effect in China   Add:2013-07-03
 A new travel service in Xiamen, licensed money changers   Add:2013-05-16
 Expats required to register residency upon entry to China   Add:2013-02-04
 Banking services and ATMs around Xiamen No.1 Port area   Add:2013-01-23
 A useful smartphone app to help you take the bus in Xiamen   Add:2012-12-18
 New entry and exit rules for expats in China   Add:2012-08-14
 List of 28 banned breeds of dogs in Xiamen    Add:2012-06-04
 Is 'Laowai' a negative term, does it contain racist connotation?   Add:2012-05-15
 Use Kinmen as quick U-turn for stay extension in China    Add:2011-10-27
 How to apply for Foreign Expert Certificate in Xiamen   Add:2011-03-22
 8 tips on how to identify fake RMB banknotes   Add:2011-03-05
 Applying for China visas: the most common types & usage   Add:2011-02-11
 Year of the rabbit - Chinese zodiac signs rabbit   Add:2011-01-01
 China's official public holidays of 2011   Add:2010-12-25
 Guide to vital services in Xiamen for CIFIT visitors   Add:2010-09-05
 Understanding Fapiao, it is elusive and exclusively China's    Add:2010-05-11
 To protect your investment during dispute, opt for arbitration    Add:2010-05-03
 Doing business in Fujian - Setting up WOFEs in China   Add:2010-03-19
 How to get a Chinese Employment/Work Visa (Z Visa)   Add:2010-01-20
 2010 Official Public Holidays in China - Festivals and Vacation   Add:2009-12-20
 Applying and converting Driver License in Xiamen   Add:2009-02-20
 Xiamen Drycleaner   Add:2008-11-15
 How to hire a local maid (Ayi) in China   Add:2008-02-29
 Your fortune in the Year of the Rat   Add:2008-02-01
 Understanding a different culture: Dutch expat Arnoud in China   Add:2008-01-11
 How to Bring Your Pets From Abroad   Add:2008-01-06
 Adapting to Life in China- 50 Handy Hints - PART I   Add:2007-08-26
 Adapting to Life in China- 50 Handy Hints - PART II   Add:2007-08-26
 Adapting to Life in China- 50 Handy Hints - PART III   Add:2007-08-26
 Counterfeit Money in China   Add:2007-07-01
 Quick Guide - Chinese Greetings   Add:2007-04-30
 Quick Guide - Everyday Chinese in Basic Words & Phrases   Add:2007-04-30
 Quick Guide - Learning how TO ASK in Everyday Chinese   Add:2007-04-30
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