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 China's public holiday schedule for 2015 released   Add:2014-12-18
 8 things you should know about Frost's Descent   Add:2014-10-23
 Halloween traditions and celebrations around the world   Add:2014-10-14
 5 traditional customs for Spring Festival in China    Add:2014-01-24
 Giving and receiving a 'hongbao' in China   Add:2014-01-14
 China's public holiday schedule for 2014    Add:2013-12-12
 Celebration of Halloween: The history and traditions   Add:2013-09-23
 Dragon Boat Festival 2013: From China to the World    Add:2013-06-10
 Main celebrations for 2013 Spring Festival in Xiamen   Add:2013-02-06
 The Year of the Snake - Fortune of 2013 Snake's Year   Add:2013-02-05
 Public holiday schedule on Chinese mainland for 2013   Add:2012-12-12
 It's Halloween again! The origins and traditions   Add:2012-09-17
 Mid-autumn Festival and customs in Xiamen    Add:2012-08-20
 Celebrate Qixi Festival or Chinese Valentine's Day on Aug 23    Add:2012-08-14
 Duanwu or Dragon Boat Festival 2012 in Xiamen    Add:2012-06-05
 St. Patrick's Day 2012 in Xiamen   Add:2012-03-17
 Traditions of Chinese New Year and 2012 Lunar Year   Add:2012-01-21
 China's national holiday schedule for 2012    Add:2011-12-07
 Thanksgiving: an original American holiday   Add:2011-11-15
 It's Hallowe'en...a popular Western tradition   Add:2011-10-10
 Celebrate Qixi or Chinese Valentine's Day on Aug 6 in 2011   Add:2011-08-04
 Summer Solstice or Xia Zhi: the longest day of the year   Add:2011-06-21
 Duanwu or Dragon Boat Festival in Xiamen   Add:2011-05-10
 Celebrate Tree Planting Day, China's Arbor Day on Mar 12   Add:2011-03-11
 Lantern Festival celebrations in Xiamen   Add:2011-02-16
 Food symbolism during Chinese New Year    Add:2011-01-19
 Traditions of Chinese New Year and 2011 Lunar Year   Add:2011-01-05
 Dong Zhi, the Winter Solstice Festival in Fujian & China   Add:2010-12-19
 Hungry Ghost Festival - China's Halloween on this August 24    Add:2010-08-23
 Dining etiquette in Minnan area: do's and don'ts   Add:2010-06-28
 Children's Day celebrations in China   Add:2010-06-01
 Purple sticky rice dumpling for Dragon Boat Festival in Xiamen   Add:2010-05-26
 Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival and eating zongzi in Xiamen   Add:2010-05-19
 Guides and tips on Chinese dating etiquette   Add:2010-04-28
 Day of remembrance & food tradition on Tomb-sweeping Day    Add:2010-03-30
 Dates and introduction of traditional Chinese festivals   Add:2010-02-27
 Chinese Lunar New Year's customs and taboos   Add:2010-02-12
 Traditions of Chinese New Year and 2010 Lunar Year   Add:2010-02-11
 The Year of the Tiger - Fortune of 2010 Tiger's Year   Add:2010-02-06
 Chinese drinking games   Add:2010-01-03
 10 top No-Nos of using chopsticks    Add:2009-12-05
 Guest etiquette at a Xiamen wedding   Add:2009-12-03
 Utensils and tools used in cooking Chinese dishes   Add:2009-08-28
 Behind those Chinese face masks   Add:2009-06-21
 Cultural tips on dating and marriage in China   Add:2009-04-09
 Etiquette in 'saying goodbye' in China   Add:2009-04-04
 The origin and history of Tomb Sweeping Day   Add:2009-03-31
 St. Patrick's Day in Xiamen   Add:2009-03-16
 Table manners and eating etiquette in China   Add:2009-02-17
 St. Valentine in Xiamen and history, meaning, thoughts    Add:2009-02-12
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