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Xiamen on its way to becoming stone capital of the world

Updated: 2013-05-01
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Xiamen Dongdu Port
A bird's eye view of Dongdu Port in Xiamen
Xiamen is quickly rising its reputation as a prestigious international stone center as the government spares no efforts to build the port city into the world’s leading stone distribution, trade and processing center on the western coast of the Taiwan Strait.

The center will not only focus on the exhibition and trade of stone, but also integrate stone research and testing, exhibition, information collection and interaction and trade financing, and will lead the stone development trends in the Asia-Pacific region and even the world. 
Xiamen - The Stone Capital of the World

1/3 of exports from Xiamen Port are Stone-based.

Thanks to the rich stone resources in Fujian Province, the Xiamen stone industry has been developing rapidly. According to the Customs Statistics Data, Xiamen port has become the world’s largest stone trading center, with its transaction volume representing over 60% in China, and 15% globally.
Industrial Base: Xiamen is bounded by the largest stone processing base, with over 1200 trading companies and 10,000 stone processing factories in its neighboring areas, especially in Quanzhou, Nan’an and Jinjiang.
The official statistics show that there are more than 6,000 stone processing plants in southern Fujian which have formed a stone carving, tombstone production and export industry cluster around Nan'an city, and an architectural stone production and export industry cluster around Nan'an, and Jinjiang after years of development.

And Xiamen, with its advanced land and water transport networks and international influence, is their logistics, exhibitions and trading center which spearheads the stone development in southern Fujian. 

Rough stone blocks in Dongdu Port
Excellent Port: There are four distribution centers and markets in Xiamen for stones from everywhere of the world. More than 1,000 kinds of high-quality stone are imported and exported through Xiamen Port each year, where stones from all over the world are gathered.

Incomplete statistics show that more than 50% of Brazilian high-quality granites, more than 60% of Indian granite blocks, more than 30% of Turkish marble blocks and more than 80% of the Italian and Spanish granites are shipped to Xiamen, distributed, processed and re-exported via Xiamen Port. 
Xiamen Stone Fair- Miniature of The Global Trends
Xiamen Stone Fair
Each year thousands of stone suppliers, makers and merchants from all over the world will gather in the city for the annual Xiamen Stone Fair, which has been viewed as a miniature model of developmental trends for the stone industry globally.

Now entering its 13th year, the Xiamen Stone Fair has grown to be a prestigious international trade fair with rising influence and popularity.

With a 158,000m2 exhibition area, the 2013 China Xiamen International Stone Fair held in March has taken the title of the world’s largest stone trade show. A 30,000m2 floor area was set up as an overseas exhibition space, and over 2,000 of the world's leading suppliers and manufacturers participated in the fair.

In the future, Xiamen will continue its role as a leading platform for global stone import and export, and further develop itself into the world’s stone purchase, information and cultural exchange center. 
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