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5 key reasons behind Xiamen's success in MICE industry

Updated: 2013-05-06
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There are three basic conditions that make a city a center for meetings, incentive travel, conventions, and exhibitions: a suitable location and convenient transport, comprehensive meeting facilities, and a sound tertiary sector that can provide comprehensive and efficient social services for MICE activities. Xiamen currently has all three - together with other unique advantages.
The success of the China International Fair for Investment and Trade and the China Xiamen Machinery and Electronics Exhibition has aroused the attention of Xiamen Municipal Government, and the city is now striving to create a top MICE destination in China.
Five Advantages for a MICE Destination
Environment & Location
Situated in a subtropical region, Xiamen has a very pleasant climate with an annual average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. One of the most famous seaside tourist destinations in China, Xiamen has convenient transport, rich tourism resources, and beautiful surroundings — making it the perfect place for MICE.
Xiamen is on the southeast coast of China, across the Taiwan Straits from Taiwan and Penghu, and quite close to Kinmen (Quemoy). It is the major city on the west Strait, and is the regional center for logistics; business operations; and tourism, conventions and exhibitions. Thanks to its location Xiamen can cooperate easily with different industries with Taiwan. Xiamen also has close and long-established economic and trade links with Hong Kong, Macau, and Southeast Asia. Following the launch of the "Three Links", Xiamen is seeing more opportunities to cooperate with Taiwan in terms of MICE.
Featuring a convenient land, sea and air transport network, Xiamen is China's major port city and the largest aviation hub on the southeast coast of China. Being the sixth largest airport and the fourth largest international airport in China, it has direct flights to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, as well as to other regions and domestic cities. The high-speed rail and highway network provides around-the-clock services to travelers. What's more, Xiamen also has a relatively relaxed exit and entry policy Special Economic Zone Tourist Visas for foreigners and landing endorsements for Taiwanese citizens.
In 2007 Xiamen was ranked in second place on the "China city harmonious development index", being one of the Chinese cities with the best competitive environment. There are more than 200,000 enterprises, 8,609 of which are foreign invested, and 48 Fortune 500 companies have invested in 87 projects in the city. Three major industries — electronics, machinery, and chemicals — are well established; and commerce, tourism, and financial services are well developed. Many famous enterprises in cities bordering Xiamen, such as Quanzhou, are starting to relocate their headquarters to Xiamen. Now Xiamen is developing new industries and creating industries to lay a solid foundation for MICE.
Venues for MICE
Xiamen has several conference and exhibition venues including Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center and Xiamen International Conference Center. It has 72 star-rated hotels, including eight with five-stars and 21 with four-stars. These venues can meet the demands of different conferences and exhibitions.
The total indoor exhibition area of these venues, plus Xiamen People's Hall, the Cultural Center and star-rated hotels is 100,000 square meters, and this is complemented by 90,000 square meters of meeting space in more than 400 meeting rooms, of which 20 are suitable for conferences of over 1,000 people.
The Xiamen government attaches great importance to MICE, and has made it one of the industries that will get the most support. To facilitate the development of the MICE industry, the Xiamen government has issued several documents to stimulate and regulate the industry, including "Views on Promoting the Development of the MICE Industry", "Measures for the Use and Management of Xiamen's Municipal Special Funds for Encouraging MICE Development", and "The Provisional Measures for Xiamen Municipal Exhibition Industry Management." The government has established a steering committee for developing tourism and exhibition industrial clusters - the Xiamen Municipal Trade Development Bureau - and other units have set up the Developing Exhibition Industrial Clusters steering committee, both of which will coordinate and promote the development of MICE industrial clusters by increasing to CNY10 million the value of investment in the special funds. What's more, Xiamen is also becoming more active in participating in large-scale exhibitions in other regions. At the China Incentive, Business Travel and Meetings Exhibition held in September 2010 in Beijing, the director of Xiamen Municipal Trade Development Bureau Comprehensive Service Departmen,t Qiu Guoyue, told China Hospitality News, "Xiamen is a beautiful coastal city with pleasant climate, comprehensive meeting facilities, and high reception capacity. It has all the advantages needed to develop MICE. Xiamen Municipal Government attaches great importance to MICE, and has already established a sound coordination system for major MICE events, providing guarantee, support and reward for major events held in Xiamen."
The special funds are used to reward and support domestic large-scale conferences, international conferences, international/domestic large-scale exhibition tours, and self-developed professional exhibitions that are held in Xiamen. Xiamen encourages inbound and outbound meeting and exhibition organizations to set up branches or offices, hold meetings and exhibitions in Xiamen or provide MICE services. All that meet the requirements will get reward and financial aid from the funds, and other preferential treatment.
Tourism Resources
Boasting one state key scenic area, one state nature reserve, one national forest, one AAAAA scenic area, and eight AAAA scenic areas, Xiamen is one of the top leisure and travel sites in China. The main spots include Gulangyu, South Putuo Temple, Xiamen Botanical Garden, Island Ring Road, Tianzhushan Forest Park, Hulishan Ancient Fort, International Garden and Flower Expo Park, and Bo Bing Folk Culture Park. Since it is the nearest city to Kinmen, the tourist route for seeing Kinmen on the sea is quite a special experience for tourists.
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