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Taiwan Strait offers distinctive advantage to Xiamen's MICE industry

Updated: 2013-05-13
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The annual China Xiamen Machinery and Electronics Exhibition (CXMEE), which was held in Xiamen from 12th to 15th April this year, has record 3,700 booths, an increase of 200 over last year’s event.


The convention and exhibition industries of Xiamen and Taiwan have a wide scope for complementary cooperation. Xiamen can focus on the competitive industries of the Fujian and Minnan region to hold professional exhibitions. Xiamen's convention and exhibition industry has the potential be based on cross-strait industry characteristics and market demand to build an efficient platform for the trade, investment and cooperation especially between Taiwan and the west of the Strait.

The development of the Xiamen MICE industry is the ongoing process with steady steps. Although the current economic situation gives the entire industry a difficult time, in the long-term, Xiamen's urban competitiveness is growing strongly day by day, and will bring more opportunities to the MICE industry, and the growing market will also create greater values for the high-end hotels.

Cao Jin, the marketing director of Xiamen C&D Tourism and Hotels Co., Ltd, believes that the Taiwan Strait is a distinctive advantage for Xiamen becoming an excellent MICE destination. The local government has also decided to build Xiamen into a MICE destination. As a coastal city, Xiamen has a natural beauty and fine cultural environment with rich tourism resources. With the exception of June, July, and August, the high season for various meetings and events covers the entire year. Furthermore, compared with Beijing and Shanghai, Xiamen has a relatively low tariff for companies holding MICE events. Since many companies have cut their budgets because of the financial crisis, second-tier cities like Xiamen are very attractive to MICE planners.



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