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Key parks and zones in Xiamen: Cross-strait Financial Center

Updated: 2014-01-09
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Cross-strait Financial Center is located in the east of Xiamen Island and extends to Huandao Road on the east, Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center on the south, Yunding Mountain on the west and Wuyuan Bay Wetland Park on the north, covering two administrative districts, which are Siming district and Huli district. Its total land area planned is approximately 22 square kilometers.

●Planning Structure
Functional orientation: National regional financial center on the west coast of Taiwan Straits
Space layout: “One strip, one core and multi points”
-"One strip” refers to a 6.5-kilometer-long financial avenue
-"One core” refers to a financial core promoting area of 1.5 square kilometers
-"Multi points” refers to the financial core area, international convention and exhibition zone, financial supervision zone, Guanyin Mountain commercial headquarters area, Gaolin Wutong international financial services area and Wuyuan Bay commercial operation center.

●Function Division
It is divided into 7 function divisions, including financial office area, convention and exhibition hotel area, research and development office area, seaside leisure area, high-end residential area, special control area and cross-strait collection and distribution center.

●Industrial Planning
Mainly introduce enterprises engaging in banking, bond, insurance, fund, future, trust, backstage service, intermediary service, and private equity fund etc. 
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