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8 econimic zones in China's Fujian province

Updated: 2014-03-13
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Minjiang River Estuary 
Minjiang River estuary refers to Minjiang River delta, which includes south and north wings in Fuzhou city, Lianjiang and Luoyuan are in the north, Fuqing and Changle in the south, and plus with Mawei district in the middle. They are vital areas for opening up in Fuzhou city. Three features are brought to the development of Minjiang River estuary, one is development in south wing drove by Fuzhou new port. Second is to speed up the development of north wing via coastal industry. Third is to push for development in new areas of Mawei. 
Huan Sanduao Bay in Ningde

Huan Sanduao Bay’s biggest asset is its port, which the city of Ningde has used to introduce large projects, guided by the bay’s strategic policies. Several large projects have been introduced depends on the national enterprises while private enterprises develop rapidly in the ship repair, electric machinery, and food processing industries.

Longyan Industry Cluster

The city of Longyan in the western part of Fujian province has found a new way by taking advantage of its mineral resources. Under the 12th Five-year Plan, it will establish five national industrial bases for environmental protection, the gold and copper industry, rare earth, construction materials, and tobacco, along with world-class engineering machinery. By 2015, its output value is expected to reach 100 billion yuan in an industrial cluster and 50 billion yuan in non-ferrous metals, such as gold, copper, rare earth and tungsten. 
Meizhou Harbor 

Meizhou Harbor has been blessed by nature with a broad estuary and deep water and, after more than 20 years of work, its southern part has developed a national petrochemical project backed by a Sino-foreign joint venture. The northern part has a large port, great transportation, facilities, and logistics and a big area. During the 12th Five-year Plan, the harbor will add three things: a 100-million–ton capacity by combining the advantages of the south and north for a hub which can move energy and petrochemical products and bulk-cargo; the second is turning the southern part into a green petrochemical city; and the third is to develop the northern part and turn the harbor into “one area, two districts, and many hubs”
Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone

Pingtan county, or Landao Island, is a municipal county of Fuzhou, provincial capital of Fujian. Located off the eastern coast of the province, Pingtan is made up of 126 islands with Haitan the largest island. 
Pingtan, known as the "County of Islands", is the largest island in Fujian province and the fifth largest island in China and a famous fishery base. It is also the closest island county on the mainland to Taiwan. 
It is situated between 25°15'-25°45' north latitude and 119°32'-120°10' east longitude. With the Taiwan Straits to the east and Haitan Strait to the west, it is in a neighborhood in Changle, Fuqing and Putian cities of Fujian province. Facing the Baiquan Island Chains to the north, it is adjacent to the South Island in Putian to the south. With a coastline of 399.82 kilometers, the county bears a land area of 371.91 square kilometers and a sea area of more than 6,000 square kilometers. 
Quanzhou Bay 
The city of Quzhou has seen some remarkable achievements over the past 30 years or more, since the beginning of the reforms and opening-up, with its Quanzhou Mode. Private enterprise has grown rapidly and is among the top in Fujian’s economic development and has been for 10 consecutive years. Greater Quanzhou extends from the river to the sea and ultimately will become a large bay city, but the following are needed before this becomes a reality: a modern port group for the city, an investment area for Taiwan companies, and private economies. 

Sanming Ecological Industry and Trade Zone

Sanming is on the Fujian - Jiangxi province border and has abundant tourism resources for true marine-to-mountain development. Of its major industries -- metallurgy, forest products, minerals processing, machinery, automobile, biomedicines, textile, chemical, and construction materials -- six have a production value of more than 10 billion yuan. Sanming plans to build the most advanced nuclear power station on the mainland with the idea of developing emerging industries, such as new materials, new energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, and biomedicines, and it already has a wide range of eco-cultural leisure sites, such as the Danxia landforms, Ninghua Swan Late, and Revolutionary site. Wuyi New Area 20 There are six things to be dealt with before reaching the goal of building a new Wuyi New Area: First, two areas of new urban construction -- the old resort area and the towns of Xingtian, Jiangkou, and Tongyou between Jianyang and Wuyi; the second is the census system to help migrant workers get the same treatment as the local urbanites; the third is a scientific layout with space for the development of traditional markets; the fourth is a support system for Wuyi urban culture; the fifth is a modern transportation system and the city‘s waste water, waste gas and solid waste; the sixth is the scale of industry, population, culture, and infrastructure construction.

Xiamen Harbor

More than 30 years after the start of the reforms and opening-up, Xiamen has become a scenic international city and, by 2015, it is expected to be a manufacturing, innovation, international shipping, logistics, leisure, tourism, and finance center. It is on its way to becoming a modern port city with the following: directly connections to lots of harbors in China, SE Asia, Europe and the US; hundreds more domestic and international flights, with an international airport handling 10 million passengers a year; a city with a 100-billion–yuan photovoltaic industry cluster and a computer and communication industrial cluster; and plenty of natural and cultural resorts, such as Gulangyu and the botanical garden. 
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