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5th electric motor & appliance exposition in Ningde on June 16-18

Updated: 2014-04-15
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The Cross-Strait Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition, approved by the State Council, is one of the biggest and professional fairs of electric motor in South China. This annual event has been successfully held for 4 years, and attracted a record number of 500 enterprises in the 4th Cross-Strait Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition.

The Fifth Cross-Strait Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition is scheduled to be held in Ningde Conference and Exhibition Centre, from 16th to 18th of June this year, according to the organizers.

A total of 86 investment projects worth 37.116 billion yuan (U$59.831 billion) were signed during the 3-day event last year, among which 19 were foreign investment projects.

Exhibitors from 41 countries and regions, including Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan and Turkey, signed contracts valued at US$16.59 million in 2013, up 58% over previous year’s.
Exhibit scope:
Finished Motor:
Micro motor, small and medium-sized motor, fractional power motor, speed reducer, stepper motor, tubular motor, DC motor, high/low voltage motor, vibrate motor, automobile motor, household appliances, communication and related new technologies

Motor Manufacturing:
All kinds of motor manufacturing equipments, punch machine, forging equipment, motor mould, spot welding machine, motor testing instruments, motor spare parts, motor drive, control system equipment, motor CAD software, and etc

Motor Parts:
Commutator, bearing, transformer skeleton, motor shell, armature, kernel, stator, rotor, switches, precision parts, electronic components, sensors, electrical carbon products, power supplies, and etc

Upstream & Downstream Products:
Silicon steel sheet, enameled wire, capacitor, oil paint, machine tool, lathe, and etc

Diesel Generator Sets, Gas Generator Sets, High Voltage Generator

Brushless Synchronous Alternator, Brush Alternator, High-Voltage Brushless Synchronous Alternator, Windmill Alternator, Synchronous Alternator for Hybrid Power Vehicle, Permanent Magnet Three-phase Synchronous Motor

Water Pump:
Self-priming Pump, Centrifugal Pump, Vortex Pump, Centrifugal Pump and other series
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About host city Ningde
Ningde Global Geopark is located in Ningde City, the northeast part of Fujian Province, China. The Geopark is composed of 3 scenic areas: Baishuiyang, Baiyun mountain and Taimu mountain.
Baishuiyang in Ningde
Ningde City, located in the east of Fujian Province and facing Taiwan, is known as "China’s Small and Medium-sized Motor City", "China’s Small and Medium-sized Motor Export Base" and "China’s Electric Massage Appliances Export Base". The city owns more than 25 Industrial Zones and has over 300 Above-scale motor and appliance enterprises.

The host city, Ningde, also boasts abundant resources for tourism, such as the Ningde Global Geopark, a member of UNESCO's Global Geopark Network (GGN) and Dayushan Island, one of the most beautiful islands in China. It is also a famous area for tea in China.

SOURCE: WOX Team by Sanmao Lin
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