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Investing in Xiamen Haicang, the key port area in Haixi Zone

Updated: 2010-12-16
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Haicang District, Xiamen
Xiamen, facing Taiwan across the sea, is an important window and base for foreign contacts in China's southeast coastal area, which is nearest to Southeast Asia and Oceania. Xiamen is an important city in Haixi Economic Zone (the west side of the Taiwan Strait). Haicang, a part of Xiamen, is situated on the tip of South-Fujian Triangular Area and separated with Xiamen Island only by a strip of water.
Haicang has a semi-tropical monsoon climate with meteorological data as follows: Annual average temperature: 21C, Monthly average temperature: maximum 28.5C, minimum 12.5C. Extremely low temperature: 2C, Extremely high temperature: 38.5C, Average annual time of sunshine: 2233.5 hours, Average annual rainfall: 1143.5mm.
Haicang's terrain is a combination of hill, terrace and plain with a stable geological structure. It has never registered any destructive earthquake in its history. Considering its advantageous port conditions and the vast space for development, Dr. Sun Yaksen put forward a grand concept of building Haicang into an "Oriental Big Port" in his "Strategy to Build the Country". In early twentieth century, "Asia" of Britain and "Mobil" of the United States, two consortiums, used Haicang as their oil-transshipping port and fuel base.
With the deepening of reform and opening up, especially with the development of the economic exchange across the Taiwan Straits, the Chinese government decided in May 1989 to set up several Taiwanese investment zones in Haicang and some other areas. Haicang, with a planned area of 100 square km, ranks first in size. In June 1994, President Jiang Zemin gave an instruction when he visited Xiamen that "Haicang should be built into an investment center that attracts investments not only from Taiwan, but also from other countries and regions, and an important development zone pillared by high and new technology", when Haicang began a stage of opening to the whole world and substantial development.
Development Plan

According to Xiamen's overall plan and development strategy, and taking advantage of Haicang's advantageous location, Haicang Investment Zone aims at building itself into a new port area, a new industrial area and a sub-center of The greater Xiamen in the 21st century. The investment zone is divided into the following four functional areas in line with its overall plan: Haicang Port Area, Xinyang Industrial Area, Southern Industrial Area and Haicang New Urban Area.
Haicang Port
Haicang Port Area
Haicang Port Area covers an area of 12.4 square kilometers with development focus on port transportation, energy industry and warehousing. As many as 36 berths of over ten thousand tonnage grade will be built with ten in the first phase. Now four berths have been put into operation and the port railway linking with Yingtan-Xiamen Railway was completed in 1999.
Xinyang Industrial Area
Xinyang Industrial Area is a key industrial area of both Haicang Investment Zone and Xiamen City. With a planned area of 29.6 square kilometers, it focuses its development on capital and technological intensive industries of small and medium sizes, mainly including machinery, electronics, fine chemicals, plastics and new building materials. It is well equipped with infrastructure facilities, such as roads, water supply, power supply, post, drainage and waste discharge. More than 100 projects have settled down in the area with over 30 ones in production. When all these projects are in full production, their output value will total as much as 10 billion yuan.
Southern Industrial Area

Seventeen point seven square kilometers in size, adjacent to the port area and with a flat terrain, the Southern Industrial Area is a development area with most superior geographical conditions in Haicang. It gives first place to the development of large sized modern technology-and-capital-intensive chemical projects, especially those petrochemical projects of middle and down streams.
New Urban Area

With a planned area of 27.6 square kilometers, the Haicang New Urban Area, a would-be sub-center of Xiamen, focuses its development on real estate and tertiary industry. Facilities such as banking, commerce and trade, tourism, public communication, primary and middle schools, kindergarten, professional train center, hospital, recreation center and hotel are available in the zone.
The Administration of Xiamen Haicang Investment Zone
Add: New Residential Area, Haicang Investment Zone, Xiamen, China(361026)
Tel:+86-592-6051027 Fax:+86-592-6051048
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