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Invest in Xiamen
Key parks and zones in Xiamen: Cross-strait Financial Center

    Cross-strait Financial Center is located in the east of Xiamen Island and extends to Huandao Road on the east, Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center on the south, Yunding Mountain on the west and Wuyuan Bay Wetland Park on the north, covering two administrative districts, which are Siming district and Huli district. Its total land area planned is approximately 22 square kilometers. ‚óŹPlanning Structure Functional orientation: National regional financial center on the we...Read More

 Latest News On Invest in Xiamen
  Preferential policies help make Haicang a desirable business hub 2015-09-14
  E-commerce association CECA sets up liaison office in Xiamen 2015-08-26
  Xiamen added 174 foreign-invested firms from Jan-May, 2015 2015-06-25
  22 new firms register in Xiamen FTZ per day since April 21 2015-06-16
  Amazon becomes 1st e-commerce firm to settle in Xiamen FTZ 2015-05-12
  Xiamen to attract more overseas Chinese enterprises 2015-04-29
  Xiamen releases policies to promote e-business 2015-04-23
  Xiamen FTZ upgrades tax services 2015-04-10
  Xiamen becomes member of World Trade Centers Association 2015-03-26
  194 firms settle in Xiamen FTZ, registered capital reach RMB3.7b 2015-03-24
  15 overseas economic & trade bodies discuss FTZ in Xiamen 2015-02-12
  Xiamen's exports and imports value reaches RMB 1.9 trillion in 2014 2015-01-23
  Xiamen abolishes house purchase restrictions on Jan 16 2015-01-22
  Xiamen's actual use of foreign capital hits $1.97b in 2014 2015-01-09
  Xiamen's exports volume to Australia up 8.3% during Jan-Oct 2014-12-04
 Invest in XiamenGeneral Guides
  Key parks and zones in Xiamen: Southeast Int'l Shipping Center  2014-01-20
  Key parks and zones in Xiamen: Xiamen Torch Hi-tech Zone 2014-01-15
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  Key parks and zones in Xiamen: Modern Logistics Park 2014-01-10
  Key parks and zones in Xiamen: Cross-strait Financial Center 2014-01-09