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MICE in Xiamen
5 key reasons behind Xiamen's success in MICE industry

  There are three basic conditions that make a city a center for meetings, incentive travel, conventions, and exhibitions: a suitable location and convenient transport, comprehensive meeting facilities, and a sound tertiary sector that can provide comprehensive and efficient social services for MICE activities. Xiamen currently has all three - together with other unique advantages.   The success of the China International Fair for Investment and Trade and the China Xiamen Machine...Read More

 Latest News On MICE in Xiamen
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  168 exhibitions held in Xiamen from Jan to Nov, 2014 2013-12-21
  Cultural industries account for 7.7% of Xiamen's GDP 2013-12-11
  Xiamen's exhibition and conference industry picks up in October 2013-11-26
  Xiamen awarded one of best Chinese cities in exhibition industry 2013-08-24
  81 exhibitions held in Xiamen in H1 of 2013, up 35% year-on-year 2013-08-17
  Bucking the trend: Xiamen MICE industry maintains steady growth 2013-07-31
  A total of 20 exhibitions held in Xiamen in May 2013-06-27
  Xiamen MICE industry sees rapid growth, industry chain takes shape 2013-06-20
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  Xiamen invested RMB 16.55 million to boost MICE industry in 2012 2013-05-24
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