17 Feb 2019
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how to Want To Help Someone With A Memory Problem the hero ? Looking for a job
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Two millennia ago Plato said that music "gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to imagination, charm to sadness and life to everything." Today, we know that music can be a gift, as in a God given ability to make music, plus something we can offer another person. We have all been exposed to music in one way or another so that each one of us has our own "soundtrack" of our life.

You can give the gift of music that can boost brain activity and evoke emotions that bring on memories by creating a LifeSongs recordable scrapbook. You have the ability to tell a person's life story through photos and 12 of a person's favorite songs. Familiar tunes and lyrics can be recognized across all stages of Alzheimer's Disease because music strikes a chord in all areas of the brain. You can be in tune with a person and help them remember who they are using this multi-sensory book. Anyone with dementia would benefit from this personalized approach to reminiscing.

Music has been used as therapy for people with dementia for a long time. LifeSongs books are a portable form of music as therapy as well as a valuable keepsake. The photos you choose and the music you record combined tell a life story that can be shared with family, staff and caregivers. LifeSongs books help foster conversations and can positively influence patient care.

You can tell a person's life song by purchasing and creating a very unique book, but it gets even better…

You can also help others to receive this helpful tool. Anyone that purchases a LifeSongs book for $29.99 on or can then request that a FREE case of LifeSongs be delivered to the club, support group, senior center, adult day program, memory care facility or church of their choice. Proof of your finished LifeSongs book (photos) can be sent to in order for the FREE case of 12 to be sent out.

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