17 Feb 2019
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GRO, Luxury hotel guest relationship officer Job Available
Posted by peonyhotel on Nov 29,2018 10:43 Views: 301

1. Master the day of hospitality and catering activities of Peony Harbour-ctiy Hotel.
2. Participate in the work of the front desk. Find and report problems in your work.
3. Master the VIP foreign guests.
4. Communicate with the hotel guests to understand the likes and dislikes of guests to help guests solve difficult problems.
5. Collect guest comments and take timely follow-up measures and reflect to the higher authorities.
6. Help guests to check in and out.
7. Working permits police registration and visa requirements will be organized by the hotel.
8. Accommodation and meals will be provided by the hotel.
9. Salary negotiable.
10. age: 18-35.
11. provide half-length photo.
My wechat: victoranyang

Peony Harbor City Hotel is located at the new city center, Wuyuan Gulf business district, which is named the most beautiful Xiamen Gulf. Next to Administration Service Center and Wetland Park, the hotel is of convenient traffic, five minute’s drive to Xiamen Gaoqi International airport, ten minute’s to International Conference and Exhibition Center near Wutong Port and BRT and only needs thirty minutes outside the Xiamen Island, which is the best choice for your business trip, conference and banquet.


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