24 Apr 2017
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English Assistant Looking for a job
Posted by jelly14 on Mar 17,2017 17:38 Views: 293

Hello, I am looking for a part time job of English assistant.This job may including English interpreting, Emailling, or Document Building.
I have 8 years work experience in trade company, and am good at communicating with clients, can work independently through laptop.
I am honest , have a stable personality and high sense of responsibility.


Devashree 2017-03-24 00:34:40
This job for english assistant and interested people must contact the above detail. I think this is good opportunity for such people. This webiste have a lot of jobs ads for the teachers. So, teachers must touch with this site. Any how, I want to find legit but the whole website have good piece of information about china related news.

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