24 Jan 2018
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english teacher Looking for a job
Posted by linyanling888 on Dec 20,2017 14:27 Views: 500

I want a part-time an a full-time teachers
Job description: Teaching group class of different levels (children’s Age Range from 3 to 13years old) Conducting Demo class to recruit new students. Assisting with big events and enrollment activities. Substitute classes as required by school. Setting up class environment with materials making and be responsible for classroom housekeeping. Communicating with parents Doing observation note, child progress report and students document according to school requirement Cooperating with local teachers Working Hours, schedule and salary : please contact Iinda for more detail.


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riley1jones 2018-01-05 18:32:04
If you want help in finding, then you can come to Assignments help for content. They can create content for your website so that you can put up great advertisements. Having a good English teacher is very important. One has to be very conscious while taking the final decision.
TheHumanFly 2017-12-31 11:29:48
This job description is tremendous and involves time usually not in a foreign teachers job description. Is the salary a monthly wage including a housing stipend? Is your school qualified to employ foreigners? Does your educational institution enter foreign employees into the Chinese social security system as prescribed by Chinese labor law? Thank you.

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