19 Feb 2018
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Qualified Native English Tutor Available! Looking for a job
Posted by weaverjp on Jan 09,2018 20:52 Views: 510


My name is Joseph Weaver and I have been teaching English for over three years now.

I teach intermediate level students who want to live, work, or study in the US, American accent English.

So, if you've ever felt embarrassed by your non-native accent, poor listening and speaking skills, or lack of fluency, I can help you become more confident and comfortable speaking American accent English!

In person, or online. I use online materials for all of my 1-to-1 lessons.

Contact me to claim your FREE placement test, trial lesson, and study materials today!

TEFL Certified. TKT Bans 3, Mod. 1


RyleyLittel 2018-01-16 19:41:11
English is the most important language to learn. I have watched many English learning tutorials at I really want to contact you for learning English in the most effective way.

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