22 Feb 2018
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Foreign English Teacher needed Looking for a job
Posted by SmartDavid on Jan 25,2018 15:26 Views: 381

Smart Baby English Center located in the beautiful costal city of Xiamen. Through the utilization of sophisticated teaching equipment and by building up beautiful environment, Smart Baby English Center devotes itself to offer children happy learning community.

We initiate a brand new teaching model under the assistant of self-developed intelligent teaching robot, which overturns the traditional classroom teaching style. Family activities are also regularly hosted and enable children to learn the fun of language under an interactive environment.

Job Details
1. Online live stream course (once per week, weekday): Follow the pre-set teaching plan and perform live teaching through online live platform.
2. Classroom Leader (once per week, weekend): Lead the weekly family classroom activities.
3. Course design: cooperates with training department on course and teaching plan design.

Salary: 10k-15k/months

please send your resume to
MB: 18950051599(text message preferred)
wetchat: 514446689


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