22 Feb 2019
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One on one NATIVE english home tutor is needed Job Available
Posted by Tutor in xiamen on Sep 12,2018 17:20 Views: 581

One on one NATIVE english home tutor is needed (Only for the applicants from America, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand)

1,Conversational English Tutors (Free talk, to improve Chinese students’ English by chatting with them. You can work at home, or in a coffee shop nearby. No teaching experience needed, no education degree needed, the only thing you need to do is correcting their mistakes.) The rate is RMB 200 each hour

2,tutor young students(age 5 to age 15), the applicants should be experienced in teaching and tutoring children.The rate is RMB 250 each hour, depending on the teacher’s experience and qualifications. The tutor will get paid after each class.

 Teaching form: 1-on-1.

 If you are interested , Please send your resume along with a current photo to us . We will review your information and then arrange an interview soon.



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