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2010 Halloween at KK Disco Club & The Key Club
Updated: 2010-10-28 by fiona
Reveal your dark side. This weekend, haunted attractions and entertainment venues at Haiwan Park open their gates for all monsters such as ghosts, zombies, Draculas, mummies, skeletons, witches and devils. Apart from these creatures, you may reveal your darker side as aliens, supernatural side as superheroes, and alluring costumes to reveal your sexiest asset.

You will be able to witness a wide display of scary monsters and magical creatures you’ve never seen before. Be sure to wear your charms for evil spirits will be lurking in the dark and scare the hell out of you.
Dressing up in costume and Halloween “guising” will start Friday night at 8:00pm where WOX kicks start at Havana Beach Bar until dawn. The taste of Halloween festivities passes down to The Key and KK Disco club.

"Hell’s Gate‘s Open” and “Evil Fairy” parties on Saturday night at 9:00 pm. Experience the thrills at KK disco club and The Key Club.

So grab your costumes and scare those people in your neighbourhood. Get your free drink vouchers on Friday night at Havana Beach Bar; these gate passes will entitle you to a free drink at KK Disco or the Key club.
Anyone in his/her costume, whether scary, funny, or creative, will have a chance to win prizes at KK Disco Club. The best costume will be awarded a KK’s rechargeable card worth RMB 1,000. The best costume will be selected after 12 midnight on the night.
So, grab your Halloween costumes, head for Haiwan Park and join the weekend of thrillers at Havana Bar, KK Disco Club and The Key Club.
Besides, WOX Buddy card holders can enjoy a "buy two and get a third one free" discount at The Key or KK Disco.
Email a request or call Aidan to get the WOX Buddy card:
aidan.murchland@gmail.com 13400691437

KK Disco Club

The Key Club

About KK Disco Club & The Key Club
KK Disco Club is one of the oldest bar brands in Xiamen, and its Haiwan Park club is the latest addition to this entertainment area. The Key Club is especially popular in Haiwan Park area for its live music performances by a Filipino cover band.
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28 Oct 2010

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