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Announcing the WOX Paintball Battle!
Updated: 2008-03-18 by Finalman



WOX is inviting all action-loving buddies to join the upcoming Paintball Challenge!

The battle will be held in Three Hero Island Park, DADENG DAO -- a real military island-base with facilities that are still being maintained in tip-top condition. The place itself is rich with history, depicting a time when real battles took place during the Chinese Civil War between the PLA and the Taiwanese KMT.

One could explore the trenches and tunnels reaching out to Taiwan, warships and cannons and fighter planes in their original places, the park facing the sea and to Jinmen, and the War Museum. Now, the military base is turned into a historical park where people could learn about its past while enjoying a round of paintball under the friendly skies.

The 100 rmb fee will include:
- Entrance to the park
- Paintball Gear
- armor
- rifle with 35 bullets

*You should be a WOX Cardholder to join



20th April 2008, Sunday
0900 : Meet at Xiada West Gate to take the bus
1000 : ETA Dadeng Dao
1030 : Tour of The Three Hero Island Park
1200 : Lunch
1330 : Gear up for the Paintball Challenge

Bring extra clothes, a towel & soap, sunglasses, water, camera, umbrella, and extra shopping money. Roundtrip fare is around 30rmb.

Other interesting things to do here are visiting the shooting galleries where you use cannons with tennis ball ammunition, horse riding, shopping at the Taiwan Small Goods Trade Market (imported goods are sold here free of import duties). You can buy special Jinmen Chinese chopping knives made of recycled bomb casings here.


Inquiries / Team Registration / WOX Cards:

Call the WOX Team at 8793920

18 Mar 2008

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