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You are welcomed to WOX Bike Ride on Sunday
Updated: 2008-10-23 by Finalman

Call Dave on 15980852627 if you want to join. Dave speaks English only


Xiamen is an ideal spot to ride a bike, for commuting and for weekend leisure and sport. The Xiamen Island is small and you can reach most of the places within the island without too much of a strain. Many of its public places in the island such as public parks, reserves and roads are biker friendly.


Though the roads look dangerous, they are in fact quite safe. At least the drivers here are aware of the bikers. Also, the Xiamen government is looking at building and assigning more bicycle ways. This will improve the safety of the bike users on the roads.


Having said the above, according to traffic statistic, electric bikes suffer the highest accident rate in Xiamen. There are many factors contributing to this traffic problem in Xiamen. Ignorance of traffic and road rules is the key factor; the riders are erratic and have no regards for safety. And they move too fast for the drivers to react. In Xiamen and in most of the Chinese cities, reactive driving is almost a norm.


Xiamen roads can be dangerous if you are not accustomed to the conditions. But riding with WOX Team can help to eliminate that risk.


Dave, the group leader, is happy to show you how. Dave, an expat from United Kingdom rides to work everyday. He enjoys the ride in Xiamen so much that he has agreed to help WOX Team to form a bike group for weekend casual bike riding.


Dave who have led couple of group rides so far said, how wonderful it is to be able to cycle in Xiamen, there are a lot of corners that can be reached by bike only. You can see so many things otherwise that you don’t get to see. Everyone has enjoyed the rides so far.


WOX team and buddies congregate at Granway Café at Hubinbei Lu every Sunday at 8.30am. The group is getting bigger.


So far, the group has ridden from Granway Café to Huwei Hill, Haiwan Park, Xiamen 1st Port, Xiamen University and along the beach cycle-ways. Last week, the group rode to Guai Po (怪坡 ), a famous natural reserve not far from Huandao Lu.


The group will do the same again this Sunday. Those who are interested in riding bikes can meet at the car park adjoining Granway Cafe, ground floor, Zhongmin Building, HubinbeI Lu (not far from the Xiamen Town Hall).


Interested parties must have their own bicycle.


The team leader for the excursion is Dave. Dave will decide which route or course that he may take on the spot. This is the first few rides WOX has made, so the ride will be elementary, it will not be demanding too much of your fitness. Fun ride is the essence of the ride.


Call Dave on 15980852627 if you want to join. Dave speaks English only.


23 Oct 2008

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