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Uni End of Semester Party at Haiwan Park on the 18th Jan 2008
Updated: 2008-01-10 by Finalman


WOX Team and WOX Xiada have got together and throw an End of Semester Party on Friday, 18th January 2008 at:


1) Bar Blanc, a pub by the Haiwan Park’s water

2) Babyface (formerly Mask), a disco club 15m from Sofitel Plaza Hotel






Special deals have been struck to keep the WOX members happy. You only have to turn up at the venues and show your card to receive specials and dance your night away.



Why party?


Winter vacation has finally come! Tired from all the exams and never ending assignments’? Now, there is a breather and a break over the Chinese New Year.


To catch this perfect opportune time, and before all classmates, friends and buddies return to their own mother countries and home cities, WOX is celebrating the end of the semester with all the university student buddies in the two venues at Haiwan and Hubinbei Lu. Park


On Friday the 18th of January, before anyone starts packing their bags and kissing Xiamen soil goodbye, party with us first! Dance the night away to good music, good food, lots of drinks, and best of all good buddies.



I) The party kicks off at Bar Blanc at Haiwan at 8:00 p.m. Park





At Bar Blanc, WOX Members get the usual 50% off privilege on draft beer and the non-alcoholics, and 20% off on other drinks. There’s going to be good DJ music playing. WOX 





II) The party continue at Babyface after 12 mid-night






The celebration continues after 12 midnight at a Babyface. WOX members with WOX id card is entitled to ‘buy one get one free’ on Corona, Budweiser, mixed whiskey, pepsi, coke and sprite. 


Important notice


To all the WOX student buddies from Xiada and Jimei, bring all your friends and classmates and celebrate the great (and not so great) memories this past semester and say cheers to a fantastic winter vacation ahead!

If you have not got your WOX id card, simply call Danee on 8793920 or call at the shop at Apple Travel.  


WOX Team

10 Jan 2008

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