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Rules for using WOX ASK Page
Updated: 2011-05-31 by Celine
1. The ASK Page is primarily for WOX's members to ask questions about Xiamen and Fujian, how to go about places, doing business, etc. This service is totally free.
2. Any ad promoting an event, party, show, etc which are organized free for WOX members DO NOT incur a service fee.
3. WOX members with at least 250 points or has registered for at least 3 months who wish to make private sales, other private transactions or simply ask to purchase anything can post their personal ad on the ASK page.
4. WOX will moderate all the above said postings. While WOX will keep most ad postings on the ASK Page, however, some may be moved to the Classifieds Page or other pages WOX feels necessary. Example of other Pages is page such as Event Page, Real Estate Page, Job Page etc.      
5. Any ad posted by individuals, businesses or commercial body which is intended to make commercial gain or profit will be moved to the Classifieds Page. An ad service fee in the form of an invoice will be sent. Please refer to WOX rates of services.
If the debt is not paid within one week, the individual, business or commercial body will be added to our blacklist.
6. Any malicious ad posted by individuals, businesses or commercial body on the ASK Page will be removed. Any recurrent perpetrator will be blacklisted.
7. Any web addresses which are intended to build Internet traffic or visitors are considered commercial. They will be asked to pay a service fee. General rates on incurring a service fee apply. Please refer to WOX rates of services.
8. Free riders who hide behind their 'do-gooder' mask and dodgy profile will be deleted.
9. When necessary, WOX will sue those malicious individuals or business organizations who keep posting commercial ads on WOX and refuse to pay or do harm to WOX on purpose in any way.
Final note:
While WOX wants to provide a platform free for its members who use it for info, news, fun, seeking help or giving help etc, WOX likes to remind its members that maintaining a website such as is a costly exercise. WOX needs your support to keep these services going. WOX hopes you will support its advertisers who in term support WOX.
Happy using WOX Forum Pages!
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31 May 2011
Fr. India
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I am looking for Maths tutor who can teach IB Maths for 11 and 12 grade
30 May 2016
Fr. India
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Maths tutor in Xiamen for IB grade 11
30 May 2016

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