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How to buy Halloween costumes online from
Updated: 2011-10-20 by Carmen
WOX will be hosting its 5th annual Halloween Costume Party in Haiwan Park on the Friday night of 28th October 2011. The party will start from 8.00pm till dawn, at Havana Restaurant. Dressing up to get spooky or spookily sexy is the main theme of the party and also to win prizes. So the race is on now to get the best costume for the night or at least be most impressive.
WOX has compiled a list of shops and venues in Xiamen that these costumes can be found (see bottom of the page for link). However, if you think the choices are limited, you can try online. The best site to find those costumes is, the only downfall for some is that the site is in Chinese. Here, WOX tries to make it possible by showing the steps and take you through.
Here are the steps
Enter, and first you need to apply for an account.
1. Click 免费注册  on the left top corner of the homepage.
2. Enter your name in the first column, your password in the second column, reconfirm your password in the third column, and validation code in the fourth column.
PS: Password must consist of a combination of number, letter and symbol. The length is between 6-16 characters.
Then click "同意以下协议并注册" to move to the next step.
3. Enter your mobile phone numbers in the second column and click "提交".
4. Your mobile phone will receive a text message. Place the 6 numbers you receive in the column.
5. Then you will see the following picture.
6.Then you click "淘宝网首页" on the top and the following picture will appear.
7. Type in “Halloween costume” or “万圣节服装” to the search bar.
8. You can then choose the Halloween costume you like.
For example, if you like the costume in the following picture, click "立即购买"
9. Next you need to enter you address and contact information as follows. In "街道地址" column, you have to enter Chinese address like "鹭江道99号国贸金海岸".
10. Then you enter the next page. Click "快递9.00元" and select "货到付款", then click "提交订单"
11. Finally, wait for the courier to knock at your door, make sure you have the money ready to pay.
This is the whole buying process, SIMPLE!
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20 Oct 2011

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