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One Day Photo Shooting Tour at Gulangyu on Sept 13
Updated: 2014-09-10 by Forrest
On September 13th, a theme photo shooting tour will be organized for professional and amateur photographers to capture the beauty of Gulangyu. The tour is available for 60 total participants.
The participants will be divided into three groups with different themes, including Gulangyu Scenery, Gulangyu Environment and Gulangyu Culture.
The photo shooting tour, jointly organized by the Xiamen Municipal Photography Society, the Xiamen Longge Planning Co., Ltd and WOX (, aims to create an experience exchange platform for photography enthusiasts and help people discover the natural and cultural beauty of Gulangyu Island, which has been dubbed “Music Island”, "Piano Island” and “Honeymoon Island”.
In June this year, a photo contest entitled “Gulangyu in a Snapshot” was launched to capture the beauty of Gulangyu through the lens of professional and amateur photographers, with different approaches to show the scenery, architecture, residents and the culture of this charming island. (For more about the photo contest, please follow the link )
Schedule for the One Day Photo Shooting Tour on Gulangyu:

Date & Time: 3pm, 13th September, 2014 (Saturday)
- Meet at Banyan tree near Gulangyu Piano Pier at 3pm
- Photo shooting from 3pm to 5pm
- Experience exchange after dinner from 5pm to 8:30pm

Note: the activity is free of charge and subject to change due to weather conditions
How to register for the photo shooting tour?
Email with your details, OR call Beth at 0592-5128682 (office phone number) / 13459445658 (mobile phone number)
10 Sep 2014

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