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Bus hits tree
Updated: 2015-01-14 by robertmorrison
January 14th

Yesterday Xiamen saw its heaviest rain for 2015. A bus hit a tree. Below are the details.

Yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock, near the intersection of Lushan Hotel, a bus from route #27 suddenly hit a roadside tree. The windscreen was broken and six passengers on board were injured. The accident, was caused by short-term traffic jams and slick roads.

A witness described they, "Just heard a loud noise, and then I saw a bus hit a tree." The bus became out of control toward the shoulder, abruptly hit the trunk of the car in front of the windshield broken , and thick layer of bark was ripped open damaging the tree.

"The bus driver said he was trying to avoid electric and non-electric bicycles and just hit the tree."
14 Jan 2015
Fr. China
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Robert hi, I noticed you started a blog reporting on Xiamen. Is it still open? I also tried to write for CNN iReport but coundn't hold on to it for my not-good-enough writing skill in English. Keep up!
26 Jan 2015

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