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Fr. Canada
Title: Great new bar street in Quanzhou
Hi all

I just returned from Quanzhou city (about 1.5 hours bus ride from Xiamen) and found a great newly developed street, clean and full of great places to drink and hang out with friends.

20 or so bars each with their own attractions. Some have pool tables, darts, others have large tv's and the one I went to offers free Wii games on a large screen.

Most are just bars at the momment, no kitchens. But there is an Indian restaurant there and I'm sure more food stalls to follow.

I would love to go back one weekend when the sun is out.


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Fr. China
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but which district it is located??

i've been there twice lat year, most of the time in the old district area..didn't see any bars and coffee shops
2012-05-04 13:43:04
Fr. Philippines
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Canada@ I go to Quanzhou from time to time and would love to visit the bar street. Do you have the address?
2012-05-04 15:36:10

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