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Fr. China
Title: The Endless Debate Between Heart and Mind
Mind is very powerful like a warrior's sword, protecting you from unnecessary physical and emotional harm. One should definitely learn to train one's mind to better cooperate with one's heart to achieve a serene inner balance. There's nothing wrong to be rational and reasonable. Having said that, on the other hand, one cannot have a complete and balanced life without heart and emotions. In fact, mind and heart are essentially connected in the way that sense and sensibility work together to constitute an unique being in the whole world amongst all living beings, i.e. human beings, which are born to be free spirits with eternal pursuit of happiness. A liberated spirit includes "intellect and feeling, heart and mind", according to DL. The point of life is NOT to eliminate pain by removing heart and feelings from a human being. The beauty of life is to embrace all flavours along the journey with a wonderful mind and a forgiving heart that have the capacity to love bravely with reason.

If there was someone who attracted your great attention and deep appreciation on all physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels, it's someone that is worth loving. Even if there might be pain and hurt at times, true love never ends, because the appreciation for someone comes from within, which is essentially part of you. It's a decision made with your mind and heart, before you even know it.

People all try to CONTROL life, but you know what? Life cannot be controlled for its infinite possibilities and variable elements. And that's why nothing stays the same. And that's the beauty of life. Someone wonderful may walk into your life when you're least expected, don't push it away just because you didn't plan it. You can't plan life.

Freedom from pain doesn't come easily, because you have to constantly adjust your mind and heart within yourself to reach a certain inner balance. But that's the pathway of life and you may discover the great meaning of life and love along the journey. So be brave and be strong. Don't ever give up your heart or mind. You're gonna need them both to live as a complete person.


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Fr. United States
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Heart..check, are missing a body part that is critical in the decision making process..Hop
2012-01-31 20:23:12

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