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Fr. Canada
Title: Parking on the sidewalk
Parking on the sidewalk

Why is it that everyone with a car thinks it is perfectly fine to park on the sidewalk? I even regularly witness drivers stop in the bus lane and wait for friends while chatting on their phones.

This just makes the traffic all the worse in a city with little to no traffic enforcement. The simple rudeness of this act drives me crazy.

I have even been hit twice this year by arrogant drivers when i dont move out of their way ...while walking on the SIDEWALK.

I would love to see the introduction of the tow truck in this city and hopefully make our sidewalks a safer place for the pedestrians to walk without worry.


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Fr. Italy
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In Xiamen the regular parkings are on the sidewalk, because they forgot to design proper spaces at first.
I hate it when driving because car is not happy to go up and douwn steps all the day and also hate it when i walk because cars are everywhere...
2011-10-07 18:29:42
Fr. Netherlands
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I don't think you can get a license for a tow-truck company with the local authorities.. Would be a great idea tho!
2011-10-16 10:09:28
Fr. United Kingdom
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I know - infuriating isn't it.

I suddenly find myself pining for that most loathed of all professions - the traffic warden. hahaha
2011-11-11 17:48:33
Fr. South Africa
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This is a funny posting that reminds me of another city up north.

One day some students were looking out the window, and one brightly asked, "What's wrong with that picture?"

All the other students thought about it for a long time, until one of them finally laughed and shouted,"The cars are driving or parked on the sidewalk while the people are walking in the middle of the street!"

He he he he!
2014-08-08 03:03:32

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